Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sonja bear. =)
To acquire a tree.
The past two years, we have found our fir up by the PA state line. The farm is lovely, but the owners failed to realize that Christmas trees continue to grow after December and that new ones take years to grow.

Also, this tree was very sappy. Sap in the girls' hair, on the rug, all over the tree skirt. I don't want to make any rash decisions, but an artificial is gaining appeal...
Winter break of my sophomore in college, my mom picked out a Thomas Kinkade cross stitch pattern and asked me to make it for her. I made excellent progress during the break, but stalled out during the school year. My mom only asked that I finish it before I got married. In 2005, she asked that I finish it before we have our first child. Or second. Or third.
Here is the photo of the completed project SHE made me...and my slacking progress.

Mom, before I'm a grandma, I promise.
Port Discovery in Bmore.
Anna is in the bubble.

Geometry with Grandpa.

Plumbing with their Pa.

I Love Lucy: the chocolate factory.

Super fun place. If you want to go, I have extra tickets...
Check check? One, two?
Boy, it has been awhile. My Grandpa visited, then my parents came up, then we went to PA for Thanksgiving, then the holidays swamped me. Oh, and our computer died. And I would rather get an arm chair than another computer so...
This is most of the gang in Georgia for Christmas:

Cousins and two aunts.

An epic Christmas morning.

Sonja finally warmed up to Uncle Rob...who secreted her cookies at any time of day.

We had a Christmas celebration here the week before Christmas. It was very, very exciting:

On New Year's Day, we had another celebration with the Schwartzes.

I plan on posting more pics...
I'll be back.