Friday, February 27, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some pictures of these two little monkeys...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Did you know I married Norm Abram? Actually, the younger, better-looking version, and without the beard. But I'm pretty proud of my budding woodworker. This is his first big project: Chris just finished up these shelves for the girls and we moved them in this past week. The girls LOVE them, almost as much as their mother does. They've played in their room so much more this week because their toys are right in front of them. (That or because I keep putting the toys away when they are out of the room and they are magnetically drawn to cleaned up toys.)
Their room is a little cramped with everything in it- that dresser isn't going anywhere. We slid Anna's bed down and the changing table had to go to the basement to make room.

But we're real happy with the new set up and REAL appreciative of dad. =) Thanks again darlin! Your next project can be found on page 24 of the pbk catalog. Just kidding. Sorta.

Monday, February 16, 2009

On Friday, we hit up Columbia Mall for two firsts:

Anna had her first haircut! Thomas the Tank Engine entranced her whilst the stylist spent two minutes evening up her little wisps. Anna remembers nothing but Thomas.

Then we met up with Chris' parents and, after the food court (where Sonja threw a fit because she wanted fries...) she had her first ride on the carousel!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!
Oma and Opa, LOOK! When I uploaded these pics I realized we had a picture of your card before Anna colored over your names. (She wrote these ALL BY HERSELF! and mom is slightly proud...)
And Chris is at work today, sigh, but this is in the works:
La bete noire. The black beast. Our v-day tradition has involved flourless chocolate cake for the past five years but this is a new recipe. We'll see how this turns out... Hope everyone has a peachy pink valentine's day. =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ten months old today!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wearing wool and looking sheepish:

So, this is half of what was a little sweater I was knitting for Sonja.

Fortunately, for all involved, we spent this morning at the Annapolis Mall and I had enough residual serotonin to simply sigh and reach for the camera...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Courtesy of Facebook tags, here are my 25 Random Things.

1. I long for the quintessential country life: farmhouse on a hill, 1/4 mile driveway with the mailbox at the end, dog sleeping under the porch, hanging triangle for announcing supper, firewood pile and chopping block, aprons with big patch pockets, egg-laying hens, vegetable gardens, clotheslines and knee high grass.

2. The Annapolis Mall placates me in our current non-country domicile.

3. I have an incorrigable black thumb. No photosynthetic life flourishes in my care. =(

4. In college, I did 84 girl push ups in freshman fit/well. I don't know if I've done one since but I do know my triceps have atrophied to the size and consistency of an office rubber band.

5. The minute I met Chris, I was attracted to him. After our first long conversation, I had the biggest crush on him, and I never recovered.

6. My favorite book is Little Britches by Ralph Moody. This book had a profound influence on me as a kid and I still think of parts of it at least once a week.

7. During the emotional turmoil of early college years, I found solace in Caedmon's Call's Table for Two. That seemed to be the fad amongst Grovers.

8. When my older brother and I were really little, our parents took us camping in FL where we went swimming in a little pond with life jackets on. At the far edge of the pond was a large bumpy object that resembled and could have been an alligator. My brother wouldn't go near it, but I paddled over and touched it. This, and the fact that he cried on Space Mountain, lead me to believe that I am braver than Nick.

9. I held the record for the 100m dash in middle school, but my dad has always been faster than me and probably always will be.

10. I have a recipe box that has space for 400 cards. Only recipes that are huge hits are allowed in. So far I have 30 and half of them are desserts.

11. When I was 7, my parents gave me a computer game called Jenny of the Plains. A wagon train had accidentally left Jenny behind and the responsibility to collect food, find shelter and protect Jenny from foxes rested solely on the player's shoulders. The game traumatized me. I got shaky every time I tried to play it and cried when Jenny died because I couldn't find enough berries. After a couple days, my parents threw it away.

12. Even as a kid, I was fascinated by Martha Stewart. She always made things so pretty. My enthusiasm for her has tempered with age, but I still think she makes beautiful things. And I still faithfully read Martha Stewart Living.

13. And, speaking of, Martha put a home keeping book out a couple years back that improved our home's daily appearance greatly. Her one line, "stacked dishes are both unsightly and unsanitary," stuck and has kept our kitchen sink empty for two years now. Thanks, Martha.

14. I think my little girls are wonderful and I am crazy about them, and sometimes going crazy because of them.

15. I'm a planner. I cannot freehand create something. I want to draw it out first on graph paper or at least picture it in quadrants in my head.

16. I hated taking baths as a kid. I once blew out the pilot light on my grandparent's water heater so I could tell my mom there was no hot water.

17. Growing up, we spent a lot of time at my grandparents' in AZ because my dad was on military deployment for six months at a time. My brothers and I ran around the Mojave Desert without shoes on half the time and I still have callused heels to show for it.

18. I read all the Hardy Boys books and adored the older Hardy brother, Frank. Senior year of high school, I learned that my AP Lit teacher's grandfather wrote the books. I liked her so much more for that.

19. I have a penchant for all things Pottery Barn. Call me a lemming, I can't help but fall for clean lines and classic styles.

20. As a college freshman, I read AW Pink's The Sovereignty of God and never was the same.

21. It has been two and half years since I have gone 12 hours without wiping someone else's rear.

22. Not much grosses me out more than kids losing teeth. I dissected an entire human cadaver and would rather do that again than see a kid wiggling a loose tooth with her tongue.

23. Also, mice really gross me out. When Chris had to tell me that he found one in our basement, I thought someone had died the way he started out- "I'm not sure of a good way to say this, so I'm just going to tell you..."

24. And further, (don't anyone be offended), I truly wish I had cat allergies so I could diplomatically say, I can't touch or be near your cat. I just don't like cats. Not even the ones prefaced with, "I'm not a cat person, but I like this cat." I cannot be reformed.

25. I loved Square One, especially Mathnet. I wanted to be Kate Monday.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kind of a low week this one.
Everyone was sapped out on energy from last week's virus bout. Nobody had an appetite. I was sucking wind by 4PM everyday. Thursday afternoon, Sonja was feverish. That was on and off and Friday afternoon she seemed back to normal. I was really looking forward to finally, a Saturday with Chris at home where we could hang out and do whatever we wanted- it had been since December, I think. (And though it's been a year since Chris started working every couple Saturdays, I still feel completely entitled to Saturdays with him.)

So, Friday night, the girls were asleep and Chris and I were in the basement where he's been working on a project. He let me help paint primer on and I was feeling pretty peachy about hanging out with him and looking forward to all weekend (and the paint fumes could have played a part of this overwhelming sense of well being...) Reality rapidly returned in the form of Sonja fussing upstairs. Her fever had returned and by 2AM had soared to 105.2 F. We waited, sans slumber, until morning then took her in to see the doc. Spent a couple hours doing tests, waiting for results, doing more tests, waiting for those results. Thankfully, everything dangerous was ruled out and some cultures are being done, but it looks to be some virus which will just run its course. She spent most of the afternoon asleep on us. Pretty crabby all evening but when I put her in bed tonight she was down to 98 F.

So my elusive golden Saturday, you have escaped my grasp once more...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

1- bathroom in our home.
2- nights Anna slept in our bed.
3- combined total of hours the parentals slept during those nights.
4- persons in our home knocked out by a stomach virus.
5- times I caught a child's throw up in my hands.
6- cups of grape flavored pedialyte consumed.
7- hours I've stewed about a regurgitated pedialyte purple stain on the rug.
8- loads of laundry churned out since Thursday (and still waiting to be folded.)
9- miles a minute Anna is talking now that she is feeling better.
10- stars for Chris for working from home most of Friday, staying up two nights in a row and still working Saturday, and for being superman.
So we came down with a little stomach bug. For the first time in our parenthood, both our children were vomiting at the same time. Thursday night it hit Anna, Sonja then me in the span of three hours. That night was insane- with three tummies sick, any given ten minute interval involved someone's contracting. Sonja and I got over it within 24 hours, but Anna was out until late last night and had us pretty worried for awhile. Then, this morning, just as we were cleaning up the last of Pukefest '09 decor, Chris decided to keep the party going a little longer. Poor guy.
Anyway, I had kind of thought I would start the new year in February, to make up for missing the boat in January, but that plan was tossed down the toilet, so to speak. I guess '09 is the year of behind.
We had a great week prior to getting sick though- my best friend from college was down from Philly on Saturday, we had a family from church for dinner that night and then Chris spent the night in DC with a couple college buddies. Sunday morning, we all met up at church, the guys came back to our house and Bryce made an incredible lunch for us all. Monday was laundry day, only semi fun. And Tuesday thru Wednesday we three girls went to Philadelphia to visit with old friends.

Big Sonja and Mark.

Mav and Bryce.

Bagging, with care.

Sleepy Sonja melting Mav's heart.

Up in Philly, Sonja and Anna Kate, her favorite baby, ever.

She seriously LOVES Anna Kate.

All the kiddos, except for Amelie.

And, Em, I just realized that Josie is in this picture, albeit in the clutches of the chair of death:

Okay, back to re-ordering this home.