Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little sister sits up. Big sister hams it up. Little sister taken aback.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anna's doing much better. She still has a little fever but is eating and playing like normal.
Daddy, however, was playing with Sonja yesterday and she apparently scratched his cornea. Why can we not just be healthy and well? Anyway, his eye hurt pretty badly all last night- he couldn't keep it open or have the light on at all, but it is much better today. I don't think he even needs to see a doc. Maybe this afternoon I'll fracture something to keep pace.

Before I do, here's an Anna story from yesterday-
She asked to take her temperature with the ear thermometer. I gave it to her and she put it in her ear until it beeped, took it out and looked at the screen. I asked her what her temp was and she told me our phone number. That's quite a fever. =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our little Anna is sick. =(
Last night, at 2AM, she let us know in no uncertain terms. All you folks from Bowie- just giving you a heads up because it's Tuesday and she was in the nursery.
She's doing okay this morning, still running a low grade fever but no more vomiting. How do you gently ingrain the importance of puking in the bowl?

And mom's humility lesson-
At 3AM the night before last, our upstairs neighbor was running her washer and it woke up Sonja a couple times and I was irrate, to say the least. But I felt pretty penitent as I put Anna's sheets in the wash at 2AM last night. Will I ever learn?

Well, I do hope nobody else from the nursery gets sick. It's time now for Huckleberry Larry with Anna. (That is the nice thing about sick kids- they sit still long enough to snuggle.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

You know those mornings where you realize that everyone in your home, assuming the husband is already away at work, is working against you and your goals? Even when your goal is simply to get out to the store to buy nourishment for the very children blocking your every effort? And your secondary goal is to get out the door with everyone looking reasonably kempt?
I'm one of many unshowered mothers, and this is my story.
Everything goes smoothly until Daddy walks out the door. As soon as that door is shut, baby has a stinky, Anna's diaper leaked on her pajamas, she wants eggs, no, cereal, no, eggs, okay cereal. Anna cries, "There's a bug in my cereal!" No, it's not a bug, it's just a piece of cereal. Sonja wants to nurse for forever, or at least through highschool, and never eat solid foods or ever EVER take formula. Mom just wants a shower at some point and Raisin Bran. After wheedling the baby to sleep for her nap, Anna is finished with her cereal and announces so in just the perfect tone for rousing sleeping babies. All hope for a shower is lost. Morning chores are tended to while the children cheerfully undo them in my wake. Both girls need a bath so that happens and at 10AM they are clean and dressed. I finish up the grocery list and trudge to get dressed, unshowered and slightly bitter about it, when the thought comes. I scoop up the baby, put her in her crib. She protests, but I know she's tired. I tell Anna to play with puzzles and be good and I leap into twelve minutes of white noise bliss that is the shower. =)
Okay, so I am a showered mom.
Anyway, Sonja wakes up and we head out the door for the store. It is now 11AM, the time I hoped to return by. Things go somewhat okay at the store until we wait in an unusually long line, check out, walk across the parking lot and load the groceries and kids back in the car whereupon I learn that I have stolen the cream cheese. Sonja had expertly shifted her carseat to cover it while I was checking out. Or it had slid under. Either way, the first thing I thought about was how they had charged Chris twice for an item once and he didn't realize it until he came home and of course never made them fix it. And the second thing I thought of was how many times as a kid I had gone back into the store with my mom when we discovered an unpaid for item. So I reloaded the girls in the shopping cart, went back to wait in line again. We return home at 12:30, past the optimum fall asleep period for Anna.
Lunch is made and consumed. Sonja does a little better with sweet potatoes and oatmeal cereal. Anna is falling asleep in her chair so naptime commences. Anna goes down sweetly in her room and I put Sonja down in our room. Anna is quiet as a mouse so I presume she's asleep and fall asleep with Sonja.
A half hour later I sense Anna next to me and there she is. There is something in her face, a sheepishness perhaps. As I put her back in her bed, I notice a tiny dot of blue on her shirt. I walk out of her room puzzling as to what that could be from as her room is in order so she wasn't playing in there. I thought I would have heard her had she been out of her room but apparently not. I came into the living room and found that she had stood up on the desk to get a pen off the top shelf of the hutch, a blue ink pen. It's not nearly as bad as it could have been. She wrote a few checks, circled some 401k percentages she wanted Dad to look at, checked off some envelopes she had gone through and wrote 40 post-it notes to herself. I am SO thankful she only colored on paper. Sadly she also scribbled in our family Bible. I did find it interesting that she circled the word "conviction". That must have been when she left off her mischief and came into our room.
Well, Daddy just walked in the door so order is by rule restored. Sigh...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This innocent looking child went and turned six months on Sunday, while I wasn't looking. Oh time, why do you fly so fast?
In honor of the event, we debuted Sonja on solids. And rice cereal was our first contestant. Come on down rice cereal! And back up again, and again. She's not too interested in keeping that down. Next up, carrots! Hi carrots, where are you from? New Jersey? That's nice, I once learned how to make pumpkin soup in NJ. Anyway, let's see how you fare at staying in Sonja's mouth. Oh, I'm sorry, but you have been eliminated. Who's next?

Actually, the third time with rice cereal went a little better. I think it's a little trickier this time because Sonja is more aware of what we're eating than Anna was when we started her at 4 months. Sonja ain't no fool...

Today was Sonja's 6mo check up. She's weighing in at 14 1/2 lbs. 30%ile weight, 55%ile height. (I have to record it here because her baby book is in line after Anna's and Anna's isn't finished yet...or um started...) Other than the two shots, we had a nice visit with the ped.

Two little cookies.

That reminds me, the other day Chris called Anna "My little kiwi." Apparently, Anna really liked it because she keeps asking to be called such and refers to herself as that. Even when she's alone talking to herself in her room- "What are you doing my little kiwi? I'm playing dollhouse..."

Friday, October 10, 2008

Anna still spends about half of her play time looking at books so I'm guessing she'd like to learn how to read. I have the phonics cards that my mom used to teach me to read, so we're going through those. It's totally at her pace, (which is usually breakneck speed actually) and I wait for her to ask to do phonics cards so it's not like school. Yesterday she sounded out "dog." I helped her with the O because it has three sounds and we're definitely not even talking about spelling rules...(mostly because I'd need to brush up on them myself.) But it's fun.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Anna's been in a sports class at the Y for the past two months. It's been fun to watch! They've done basketball, tee ball, and soccer so far. I finally remembered to bring my camera last week so here's a video of her first batting experience. Note the synchronization of tongue and bat. =)
And here's a little post-class lesson with dad.