Friday, August 24, 2007

Today is the day! Anna is one year old today!
It has been the best year of our lives. I just can't believe how I blinked and it went by. God has richly blessed us with our little girl.
This picture here is Anna 365 days ago. And those have been 365 mighty fine days.

I'm so glad I have you, Anna. I couldn't ask for a better little companion for every day.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Today Anna took two steps! I forgot to put in her baby book, as in this blog, that her first step was the Saturday at the Lairs'.
And today Anna's big girl carseat arrived! (Not that she weighs enough to need it yet- and yes we are considering feeding her straight Crisco.) Anyway.

Opening the box.

Big time grin.

Strappy straps.

Tongue action.

Finding herself hilarious.

She cracks me up. Okay, more pictures. Here's Anna at her studies...

Come with me on a journey into symbolic logic!

If p then q...

Rules of inference.

Mom, this is a little advanced- I'm going back to e implies i implies e implies i implies o.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last weekend we took Anna up to see how she would like Yale. But, really we went to see the Lairs.
Here's Michael and Chris in front of the school of divinity.

And this is "Bett's House", or was. I didn't know Bett, but I bet she was rich. This is where the offices are where Michael will work.

In front of Yale's library.

A very creepy place where Skull and Bones meets- a secret society that powerful Yale folk are in. Apparently Bush and Kerry were in it. Anyhow, we dared the guys to go up and touch the door. They did...

So, we had to...

We were making fun of the big padlocks with their inscribed cross bones...

...when the alarm went off inside! I was expecting the gargyles to come alive and apprehend us, but they didn't so we escaped with our skulls and bones intact.

Here we are feeding geese. There were so many of them. Anna said "duck!" ninety-four times. We didn't have the heart to tell her these actually were geese.

I didn't want to be swarmed by the whole gaggle so I just took pictures and Teresa and Michael did the scary work.

Teresa fending off geese.

We gave Anna a piece of bread to throw but she ate it. Feed the birds, what do you get? Fat birds.

We had a great time. Anna's not convinced but is considering Yale.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

We had to get a video of the dog sound- it was so cute. Sorry the video is sideways.
Two new animal sounds!- ask her what a kitty cat says- "Ee-ooww" and as of two minutes ago, ask her was a puppy dog says- "Oof"!
This past Friday was Hershey Park Day for Chris' company. Anna was so excited about the roller coaster rides.

Measuring Anna.

I guess no coasters for Hershey Minature me.

Hot baby ready to go in the world's largest water play structure.

No more waiting for Dad, get me in that water!

Yes, in the water.



Dried off and on the ferris wheel.

Getting tired.

Before heading home, we had to go through the Hershey Factory Tour. Love those singing cows. Anna slept through the whole thing, even the cows.