Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad! Today, Chris is 24, and much cooler than Jack Bauer. We had a little family celebration to honor the good man. Anna went crazy over the giftwrap.

Also big news...Anna is six months old. We had her check-up yesterday so here are the new stats: Height 50%, Weight 25%. Our chubby cheeked girl is getting close to 15lbs. Shots? Eh. Anna is shaping up pretty tough- she didn't cry until after the nurse gave her the third shot and then she stopped after a few seconds. (Also, she face planted onto our rug yesterday with no tears.) Sure didn't get that from me.
The doc said that we can introduce bread products to Anna so I thought we'd get her a treat for having to get shots. Biter biscuits!

So, not so much of a treat after all. Sorry, Anna. Maybe a couple months later you'll like it.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Why are the weather people always wrong?

And how do they keep their jobs?

Yesterday I kept reading the winter weather warnings which were steadfast that we were going to get 3-6 inches of snow. Then I would look at the radar screen and think hmmm... it sure looks like that storm is going to pass us in a couple hours and it's raining outside. Then I looked at the predicted temperatures through the early a.m. hours and noticed that it was consistently above freezing. So I tried in my feeble mind to put all these things together and the conclusion I came to around 10 p.m. was that we're not going to get more snow than we already have (about 1.5"). Behold this morning I arose and went downstairs to start the car and what did I find outside? The same thing I saw when I went to sleep! 1.5" of snow...maybe, and it's already melting! I think I'm going to become a weatherman. It can't be too difficult.

(and this post wasn't even about politics) Though I will say...if the weather people are consistently wrong about the weather, what's the chance they're wrong about global warming too?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First bumbo, now boppy. Anna's still too unsteady on her bottom to be left sitting on her own, but this sweet pillow provides enough support to give both mom and baby the independence they crave. Fantastic is right.

On a somewhat serious note- spitting baby food. This evening, Anna decorated herself, her tray and her mom with pureed carrots and oatmeal. She kept all the mushed banana within the span of nose and chin, but then, she really likes bananas. I told her "no" when she splattered and it seemed like she understood the connection between food spraying and nay saying. When Dad came home, he took over and she didn't bespeckle him one time. What is this- playfulness, a bad habit, a dislike for the food, "Mom, I've got your number"??? But she's not even six months! She cannot be honory yet. Can she? Did anyone else deal with thbbting kids?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Alright. Back on track. Posting the promised pictures.
The original reason Anna and I went to GA, and the rational for staying a whole week sans Dad, was a wedding in South Carolina where we'd meet up with Chris. One of the guys from Chris' tight group of twelve was getting married so Chris and JK drove down on Friday and Anna and I made the shorter drive up on Saturday morning.
Anna at her first wedding.
After a power nap, Anna was ready for the electric slide with Dad.

Okay, pictures, done. Whew, it has been a busy last couple days. We are down in MD this weekend to spend some time with Chris' parents and the bachelorette-for-two-more-weeks Julie.
Anna has a couple of new tricks. In addition to prunes, she's eating oatmeal, carrots and green beans, sort of. I tried to make the green beans, but I think they are too textured for her. She is pounding on tables with her little hand, dictator style. She also can purposely drop her pacifier and look for a reaction... She no longer sleeps in, and I miss that.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We're home, home, home and happy about it. Yesterday afternoon, our flight boarded as scheduled, taxied out to the runway and turned around. Back to the airport for maintenance...but, it only took a short while and we were on our way with a hurrah, clapping, go team go, "let's hear it for AirTran"! And I am not kidding. Anna and I were seated with 35 cheerleaders on their way home from Cheerfest. The flight did end eventually. Dad was waiting with valentine flowers for both his girls. BTW, Valentine's Day has been postponed one day. V-Day dinner and flourless chocolate cake for dear Dad; conversation hearts on cherry-chip cupcakes for the neighbors are today's itinerary.

Leaving Philly last week, there was a play area next to our departure gate. So we had a typical morning of playing and taking pictures. A travel agent came over a few times to chat with Anna, and I put her to work taking pictures.

Our flight down was pretty empty so Anna had her own seat next to me. I did hold her most of the time, but she looked so cute with her seatbelt on. She even put her little arm up on the armrest once.

The weather was lovely down there. It felt like spring and aunts were crawling all over the place.

On Thursday, Anna went out for her first afternoon tea.

On Friday, mom made a turkey and Hannah, Jenny and I made a pumpkin pie.

I'll post the rest of the pictures soon. We've got a lot to do today.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Howdy campers. Sorry to inform that we are still in GA. Ohio sent PA a dose of nasty weather so cancellations, delays and angst occurred. The undoing of the plane delays without notifying the passenger intesified angst and cancelled homecoming. Bummer is right. My mom reminded me that it was not like we were stranded in a third world country and crying really wasn't necessary. Right. We were just excited to come home. We are booked for a flight tomorrow afternoon so, if the snow doesn't pile too high, we'll be back soon.

Still no usb cable = no pictures.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Grandparental warning: The following post contains mature content.

She stands. We do have to help her stand up, and then supervise like Yogi Berra, but she's getting pretty good at balancing and holding onto her play gym.

Anna's also starting to sit up on her own. You can't tell from this picture, but she is balancing all by herself.

But not for long.

If we put Anna's hands in front of her, she can sit by herself for a few minutes.

Anna is also starting to roll places. She doesn't go too far yet as I keep the front door closed, but she does get around. And sometimes she gets stuck.
She continues to look cute doing her pushup reps.