Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summertime photos.
Chris' company picnic was at a park on the beach. We didn't know about the beach part until we arrived though so did not have swimsuits for the girls. But what was that when there was such fun to be had? We drove home with two naked children.

Another Saturday, we went up to see C's grandmom.

Then had lunch with Opa and started for home well into naptime. En route, some friends phoned to say they were at the pool near our house. We decided to stop by to just say hello as we didn't have the girls' swimsuits. Again, swimsuits are optional, apparently. Second Saturday of driving home with naked children.
Later that evening, we went to a neighbor's birthday party.
Scavenger hunt:

Anna earning her Junior Camper badge.

Going fishing.

Another Saturday, we enjoyed a backyard bbq with a sandbox.

And a juice box.

Summer days are made for bike rides.

And of course, we've had lots...

...and lots...

and lots of frozen treats.

So, we have had some fun this summer. =)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We moved into our house the weekend of July 4th. Chris and a buddy worked until the wee hours that Friday night to get most of the wood floor done on the main level so we could move furniture over. Saturday morning, the girls and I headed out to Virginia for the day- pregnant women and small children are best out of state during a move, apparently. My college girlfriends were in the area for the weekend so it just worked out well to spend the day away.
Second Floor North reunited. =)

We came home that evening, ate chinese take-out amongst a hundred boxes in the living room and spent our first night here.
We woke up Sunday morning to find someone was a little disoriented by the move. (She did have the presence of mind to bring water with her for her hallway camp out.)

Church on the 4th.

Sunday night, C put the last board in the floor...

...and was mighty glad to be done with his marathon installation.

That evening, we had our first house we put a temporary door on one bathroom and my college roomie slept on Anna's bunk while the girls slept-toe to-toe on the bottom. A week later we had the pleasure of hosting the Kirklins from Ohio. They got to have the guest bedroom, with a door even. The day they left, we had C's bud from college stay the night. And then we realized we were crazy and haven't had any overnight guests since.
These are pics from the Kirklins' visit.
Making coffee.

Jason and Chris installing the microwave. Nice to have some method of cooking since our stove didn't work that's a good thing the Kirklins are really good friends.

The Simmons, from Philly days, were visiting family nearby so we all met up that Saturday for a rousing game of croquet and a walk around the Annapolis harbor.

"Find your toes..." Or your nose.

Thanks, Kirklins for being the most understanding guests ever. Next time, we'll have it together.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two months...sorry about that. I kept meaning to post pics of the house, but I would then think, "I'll wait to take a picture of that room until the light is installed." And then "The outlet plates are not on yet...I'll wait until that's done." But now, I've wisened to the realization that we will always have something more to do on the house. And besides, I'm getting way behind in pictures and events. Without further ado, here are before and after pics of our first home:



Dining room before:



Living room before:


After (I took this picture right now for you. See blogger on the laptop screen?):

Girls' room before (wow):



Our bedroom before:


The guest bedroom is hosting boxes and extra furniture at the moment so I could not get a picture. And the bathrooms are done, but I didn't take pictures and that involves going upstairs, which post-Anna's-party-sloth-mode doesn't do. We're getting there...
Chris is doing an awesome job. Love this guy. =)