Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another picture of Sonja. As energy increases, so will picture taking...many more to come. I promise!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sonja Marie Schwartz

April 12, 2008

7:56 a.m

6 lbs. 9 oz. 20 1/2"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Backyard flower pickings on a dandy spring day.

This is Anna in her glasses. =) She is doing well with them. We are at an 85% wearage time through the day. It's cute when she takes them off for some reason and holds them up to her face until she finds one of us to put the temples back behind her ears. We haven't been back to her opthalmologist yet, but I believe the glasses are helpful based on how much she likes wearing them.
Little baby is set to make her entrance this Saturday. We had the last u/s today and everything looks good, other than that placenta placement, but whatever, I'm over it. So, we're down to 38.5 hours. Everything is ready at home. Chris is going to switch the chest and cradle places, but I think that is it. The newborn clothes are all washed and folded. The cradle sheets are on. The swaddler diapers are in the caddy. The announcements are made, envelopes addressed, stamped. Give me a task or I shall run mad.(what's that from??) Tomorrow is going to crawl by... I wish my fabric would arrive. I ordered two different fabrics for the couch pillow covers. One came in last week and I made two covers, but Joann just won't give up the other one. Maybe I'll try to make a bolster with these remnants. And I'm going to try welted cording. That should keep me busy, and probably frustrated enough to distract me from looking at the clock.
Well, it's five and hopefully Chris will be home soon to enjoy this fantastic weather with us. Ooh, I think I'll make chocolate chip cookies. There's something worthwhile to do.
Next post should have some cute baby pictures...! =)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Here is the story with Anna!
Annapolis Capital Lifestyle Page

Uh yeah, cosmetics reasons? I didn't say it like that...the reporter asked if I was concerned about how Anna would look in glasses. I said not at all- she'd be darling and she needs the glasses not only for vision, but to mechanically straighten her eye.

We ordered Anna's glasses yesterday and they should be here in five days. Next week is going to be crazy for this little gal:
Monday- Big girl bed to be delivered.
Wednesday- Big girl glasses to come in.
Saturday- Big sister status to be established!

They moved my delivery date up to the 12th! I'm excited to meet this baby girl, and in only 9 more days! Really, 8 1/2. Which we round down to 8. So a week! A WEEK!
I am so glad to have the end in sight- the baby is transverse because the placenta prevents her from turning head down and it ain't comfy. Not that any baby position is comfy at 37 weeks, but I can deal for another week.

Another thing- I am having the hardest time finding bedding I like for Anna's big girl bed. Usually I adore all things PBK, but I'm not into the colors or patterns they have for this year. I've looked at JC Penney, Sears, Target, Walmart, Land of Nod, Company Store Kids, Warm Biscuit, eBay...where else?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Press release:
Anna will be getting glasses soon. One eye has been turning in off and on since Christmas time and the opthalmalogist has determined it to be far-sightedness. She's getting some attention over it too. On Monday, the Annapolis Capital interviewed us for their story on children in glasses. The article will be published in the Thursday paper and available online. I don't know how much the interview with us will be a part of the story but I'll post a link Thursday morning.

In local news, the hospital is having a hard time fitting me in their schedule, but as of now I am supposed to deliver on Saturday the 19th. I'm to be notified if there are any cancellations before then...right. It's like getting your hair done I guess.

In health news, Dad is down with a fever and aches. Anna is teething and is something of a bear. Mom is 37 weeks pregnant and also showing signs of bearness. The perfect storm is gathering...