Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend before last, my parents were in DC. My dad was there for work; my mom was there to hang out with us. Thursday we took the girls to the National Zoo:

Friday, we went to the national mall and it was absolutely empty. Granted it was 10AM and a weekday, but I just couldn't believe how deserted it was. We parked (for free even!) on Madison St directly in front of the carousel. Here we are in front of the west building of the national art museum. See how empty??

Inside the west building.

The plaza between the art museum buildings.
Metro Grandma.

Anna fell asleep at the Museum of American Art and slept all the way to the Lincoln Memorial (and that's 2 miles of power strollering.)

Back at the car, Anna went for a quick ride on the carousel while I fed Sonja who would have preferred lunch at the Lincoln Memorial and made that point the entire walk back...

Then we picked up my dad and squeaked out of the city before Friday traffic really got going. It was fun seeing everything, but being in big cities stresses me out. Even though it was pretty quiet at the mall and we didn't have terrible traffic, I was on level 10 hyperawareness until we were back in good ol' Anne Arundel county.
That night, we went down to Annapolis to dinner on the harbor. I really like Annapolis. Especially after being in DC. Anyway, my parents stayed at a hotel nearby Friday night and we had all day Saturday before they flew out that evening. It was a fun time.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Been meaning to post some pictures...and I will soon. Real quick though, here's one of my favorites of the girls.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday night, I needed to get out a bit, (because my left eyebrow was starting to twitch everytime I heard 'mam-a-a-a'), so I ran out to a fabric store I'd never been to. I wandered around through the aisles looking for something to tempt me to bring out viking lady and came upon a cute striped flannel which clearly said "Make me into pajama pants for Anna." So I did.

Me and my helper. =)
I put the pins on the table.
And she puts them in the cushion. (She calls them "sharps")
And here are the pants!

(She doesn't stay still for pictures...)

Monday, September 08, 2008

$1 tickets to the Orioles

$FREE parking 200yds from Camden Yards because we came late

$4 concession stand ice cream

A fun night in Birdland with some good ole Grovers for less than ten bucks. Woohoo!

I think we had 10 alumni there, but we exclusively took pictures of ourselves and people from Kentucky....(so I realized when we had left.)
Here are our good friends Dave and Jenn:

Update- we had the pleasure of entertaining these fine folk on Sunday afternoon. Anna enjoyed a nap on Dave. Not sure if Dave enjoyed his end- Anna is pretty sweaty when she sleeps...
It's Monday and to celebrate, we went to the MVA.
I had to get a MD license. This was the first time I've ever dealt with the goverment solo. (Solo: two kids in tow, but no mom or husband.) I went to their website, figured out what I needed to bring, realized that almost every residential document has Chris' name on it only, spent an hour rifling through files to find something with my name, and starting stocking up my file- current ss card, maiden name ss card, marriaged certificate, birth certificate, PA license, BGE bill, bank statement, verizon bill...there was no way I was going to wait in line and get turned back.
Government offices intimidate me. Especially the MVA. I've only been to one three times and my mom took me twice and Chris took me the third time. I really don't like going into situations where I don't know what line to stand in, where to get a ticket, whether you have to pay in cash or check, if you have to bring your own pen... It's a place where I have no control. I guess that's why it's intimidating.
The MVA's I've been to previously were in hickville towns- the waiting rooms were the size of a living room. This morning I drove past Maryland's MVA the first time because it's a big office building/police department complex. We parked in a huge parking lot and marched bravely toward building B. Some nice people held the door open when they saw me approach heaving the carseat, diaper bag swinging, Anna holding the pocket of my shorts. We walked in to a large area with rows and rows of seats and 12 stations with blinking letters and numbers. I wandered around for a minute looking for a place to take a ticket. No luck. So I stood against the wall and watched to see where the next person who came in the door went. That person went to Information. Oooh. I went there too and after waiting five minutes it was my turn and she gave me my ticket. There were probably a hundred people in the area. And probably eighty seats. Thankfully a group stood up in the front row so we could have seats.
We sat down and looked at our ticket- A37. They were already on A31 And with 12 stations we'll be out of here in no time! Sadly, there are also B's and C's and they do five B's and two C's for every A or some other formula that meant we waited an hour and a half. =(
I have to say though- Anna and Sonja behaved beautifully. And after we paid our dues and I sort of smiled for the camera, we made it out alive with a license to boot.

I read online that you can renew your license by way of kiosk 24/7? I hope I can always do that for the rest of my life.

Anyway, the house is kind of a mess today. This weekend, I spent zero hours on housework and it's showing. (I spent six hours on these little birdie prints for the girls room though, and those are cute.) So today is to be a day of housework. I know it's already 4PM and I said "is to be". Chris has a company dinner tonight so I still have a chance. It's too hot to put on sweatpants- the ultimate "we're digging in for the long haul house cleaning" statement- so Anna and I just pulled on our knee high socks and we're going to skid around these next few hours getting this place sparkly. Here we go!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

we're ready...

so bring it on.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's been a busy past week. This is what we've been up to.

Last Tuesday- Dinner in Delaware with one of Chris' buds. Fun time especially because Christianna mall was included in the evening.

Wednesday- Our third anniversary. We left both (gulp) girls with Chris' parents and we're glad we took the plunge. It was the first time Chris and I had some time out with just each other and honestly, I'd forgotten how nice that can be. We went to a wonderful little French restaurant- dim lights, excellent wine, better conversation, those waiters that stand in the corner attentive to refill your water every sip (and you know that's a change from the usual dinner times round here). It was really nice... Three more years and we'll do it again. Thanks again J&M for taking the girls!

Thursday- Ravens' pre-season game. We left Anna again with the doting grandparents and decked out Sonja in purple. We had dinner at the stadium- something of a step down from the previous night's fare. The Ravens lost but it was still fun. Here are a few pictures from that.

Friday- Pack it in pack it up and off to Ohio! Sadly, our already late evening flight was delayed. And though the pilot announced he would "fly this like we stole it" we still were pretty late getting in. It's a bummer that Anna no longer flies free, but it is nice to have a whole row to ourselves for musical chairs and all the other fun times that come with two kiddos at 11PM. After the baggage carousEl, the rental counter and hellos to Aunt Manda and Uncle Roo, it was so late...1AM? I don't even remember. Fortunately both girls slept in next morning.

Saturday- Hanging out with the Ohio Schwartzes. And donuts. Aunt Manda taught Anna how to spell O-H-I-O with the Buckeye motions and everything. Anna renamed their cat(formerly Buster) Bus Driver. Quaker Steak that night- Chris over-filled on wings, and Sonja over-filled her diaper. Many wipes, a lot of water and a $4 dress from the nearby Target later, dinner resumed.

Sunday- We went to church with the Kirklins! It was great to see Anna and Maddie together again. Church was kind of crazy with the two 2yo's and two infants...I think we were all there for the opening hymn...after that someone was always taking somebody out. Once again, it's nice to have a whole row for musical chairs. =) After church we had a nice afternoon hanging out with them. Here are the girls and Baby Janie too.

That evening Uncle Roo made an outstanding cake, from scratch!, for Anna's Ohio birthday. The camera batteries were dying so the focus was pretty poor, but here's one picture from that:

Monday- Anna and I woke up extra early, one of us unenthusiastically so. After Chris was up, we sat out on the porch in the sunshine and Anna tried to eat flowers.

That evening we flew home.

Tuesday- I started this post. And Anna started her "Mixed Sports" class at the Y. They are beginning with soccer. It was fun to watch. The instructor was trying to tell Anna to kick the ball into the goal but she wanted to tell him all about her mom and her dad and her little sister Sonja and her blue shoes and her pink hat that we left in the car because mama said... She did kick the ball around though and after awhile of us emphasizing to kick it to the goal, she picked it up, tossed it in the goal and went to find another ball that she could just kick where she wanted.

Wednesday- This morning, Anna woke up pretty early. Chris put her in bed with us and the next thing I knew, she was waking me up a little after 7AM. She asked where Daddy was and I figured he was in the shower so told her so. She went out of the room, looked around, came back in and said, "Daddy went to work already," and then in the saddest voice, "Daddy not give Anna hug." So we made lunch for Chris and left early for the doc appt so we could stop by and give him lunch and get Anna's hug. When we got to Chris' work, he was walking around somewhere with the supervisor and didn't answer his phone. I left his lunch at his desk and a message saying we'd see him later. I told Anna that Daddy was busy and she was pretty sad as we drove away. We hadn't gone far when Chris called and said he was available so we turned around. As we pull into the drive, I hear Anna grumble, "Stop taking my daddy, people." That's what I say, too. =)
Anna had a doctor appt this morning and they gave her a shot. The first one where she really knew what was going on...could have been ugly. She was very brave and didn't cry until after the fact. Then the whole way through the parking lot, she kept her leg completely straight, would not bend it for nothing. But back in the car, she forgot about it completely courtesy of one red twizzler. Phew. Next time is probably going to be a little harder...We'll up the reward to milkshake probably.
After the doc, we needed gasoline and groceries and baby needed nursing. I should have just stopped at a station before the grocery store, but I wanted to get gas from the place near our house so I could save 2cents/gal...that's what 30 cents off the total? Hindsight is 20/20, but at the time the Irish in me won out. So we drove to Giant, I nursed Sonja in the car (the three of us sweltering because we had to turn the car off to save the gas), did the grocery shopping, loaded everyone back in and made it to the cheap gas station where we filled the 15 gal tank to 15.2. And saved us a nickel and a quarter.
So, that brings us to the present. Anna just woke up from her nap so that's my cue.