Friday, March 28, 2008

Anna in pigtails.

I couldn't get a good shot though- she doesn't stay still for long anymore.

And here are a couple pictures of the house.

We have wood floors through the whole house and now that we've been here awhile I'm realizing the need for a hardfloor cleaner. Anybody have a good suggestion for a decent stick vacuum or a vacuum mop type of thing? It's really just to keep dust bunnies from proliferating, dern rabbits keep multiplying. I was thinking about that bissel flip-ease vacuum mop that vacuums on one side and then you can use it as a mop on the other side. Anybody ever had one? IS it too good to be true? Amanda K, didn't you get something like that? If I could carry it, I'd bring the shop vac up from the basement. I still love that thing, but Anna's terrified of it. I need something that is small and can be stored in a nook somewhere. The quest is at hand. We'll be looking at Best Buy tonight.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pillow talk.

So, things are winding down. I have daily things to do, but no big projects left to finish before the baby comes. (Which will be either April 17th or 18th via c-section.) I need a project to help fill in these 23 1/2 days, obviously. Our couch requires pillows so I was thinking of unleashing Viking lady for a go at pillow covers. I looked through all the Joann fabrics online and I really liked these two together. And Chris liked them too. I am not a red fan, but the curtains that came with our place are a dark burgandy and I don't want to spend money on curtains that fit this wide window and likely no other window in future residence. So, it's going to be something to go with red. And I don't like gold. Are these fabrics too modern? Do they go with burgandy? Will the dishes do themselves tonight? Well, I know the answer to that one. So long for now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Anna in her Easter dress.

Here's where Anna spends most of her time in the living room- looking out the window towards the high school in hopes of seeing a bus.

The house is done, except for two shelves. Baby is done, except for two pounds of chubiness. I'm done, except for two words. Good night. =)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Picture time! (finally.)
These are the day of her 1/2 birthday.

Out for a walk and the park with Daddy.

Yesterday Anna and I made the trek back to Philly for Maddie and Judah's birthday party and to see the newest Livingston. I didn't get many pictures but these two were cute.
The proposal (with chalk).

The book lovers.

I need to get the camera out more often, I know.
Anna is growing up fast. She is learning her letters via the fridge magnets. The other day she picked out the words "baby" and "dada" from a sheet of word stickers. She talks constantly. On our road trip yesterday, she talked for two hours straight on our way up- I can tell you everytime a truck, bus, or van passed us. She's still in love with books and one of her favorite things to do these past few weeks has been to sit in a recliner with a stack of books while listening to music. In the mornings, as I lift her out of her crib she needs the rundown on everyone:
Open door to nursery.
A: Mama!
M: Good morning. Did you have a good sleep?
A: Mmhmm! Daddy?
M: Daddy's at work.
A: Work. Byebye. Oma?
M: Oma's downstairs.
A: Stairs. Oma. Opa?
M: Opa's sleeping.
A: Nigh night. Puppy?
M: The puppy's asleep.
A: Nigh night.

The same dialogue every single morning. She needs to know.
The conversation turns to the weather once she can see outside.
A: Rain?
M: Nope, it's not raining today.
A: Na raining. Na raining. Sun! Bright sun. Na raining... Moon!
M: I don't see the moon, do you?
A: No moon.
And more of this through all the day. I am enjoying this conversational age. She has lots to say, believe you me.

Our other little girl is growing up fast too. She's still inside, but it feels like she's trying to get out through my sides. We're still waiting to know what mode of delivery this baby will choose. My last ultrasound showed some placenta movement and the specialist was optomistic about it being completely out of the way by term. I have another US on the 18th and hopefully that will show it out of the way. If not, another US two weeks later and then if not still...bummer and a c-section.
Today is the last day of moving stuff over to our apartment. Chris and his dad and a couple friends have moved things each evening this week so almost everything is there. I am in serious get-er-done mode and I think it's hormonal nesting insticts. I can't wait to everything put away, but I know that the minute I run out of things to do I'm going to start into that grumpy when IS this baby coming mode. Luckily there is plenty to do. =)