Monday, May 31, 2010

Some of the big cats of C's work invited him on a fishing trip a couple Mondays ago. Chris reeled in the only catch of the day.

I don't know if that is a good thing or not. They didn't throw him off the boat. And he shared most of the fish because 3/4 of the homestead do not eat seafood.
Tomorrow is June and summer officially begins sometime therein. I love summer about 90%. The other 10% is due to humidity, mosquitoes, but mostly daily bathing of sweated and dirty feeted children. However, there is something to saying goodnight to fresh washed and tuckered out children, while it is still light even. So, I suppose I like summer 93%. Enough for an A. Or A- in grad school.
Anyway, so far we have enjoyed our first of season corn on the cob.

We received our first of season free tickets to the O's, and attended alongside forty other fans... O's are the worst in baseball at the moment so attendance was second to lowest on record. Also, it was rainy so the bounce house was not up and the playground was wet. Had there not been t-ball practice and sweet friends to meet up with, the night might have been a loss for all parties involved. Well, except Kansas City.

We had our first BBQ of the summer. (And the last one in this teeny house, I hope. Eleven people and rain meant grown men sat at the girls little table...) Chris with a couple of the guys.

We have broken out the sunhats and crazy sunglasses. And Sonja has busted out her dance moves.

Hurrah for summer time. =)
Sonja's actual birthday:

After some birthday surprises first thing in the morning, we headed out to a real estate office to spend two hours in paperwork as we placed an offer on our house. The dream birthday of every two year old, yes? We spent the remainder of the day making up for it:

Love love love this little girl. =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our little Sonja turned to two last month.

We started the celebration a few days early with Oma, Opa, Uncle Bill and Aunt Gloria. Uncle Bill made the girls this adorable hutch to match the table and chair set he made them last year. And Aunt Gloria brought little snack pack foods to stock their cupboards.

Sonja loved riding her bike from Oma and Opa.

Sonja's makeshift cake. As the layers were cooling, I pulled out the cake decorating basket to find it, uh, empty. Forgetfullness, you thick friend...I had lent everything to a friend months ago and had quite forgotten, naturally. Another friend had just given me the Hello Cupcake book with instructions for ziploc bag decorating and I found a set of four drippy primary colors in the back of a cabinet:

I felt accomplished until Sonja saw the cake and cried because there were ladybugs on it. (She still is freaked out by bugs...even M&M ones.)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Been a little behind lately. Funny, as I've simultaneously grown a bigger behind...ahem, pregnancy.
Anyway, what is going on here:

We are in the final throes of purchasing our first home. It is very exciting to us, but C and I both are pretending to be nonchalant about it, because it isn't really a done deal until it is a done deal, which will not happen for another week or so. And we're cautious persons. But, I'm pretty sure we'll both have a few tears when we finally have the keys in hand. Me because of excitement, Chris because of all the work ahead of him.
The house is a town home in a nice little neighborhood, but 20 years dated. The plan is to put down wood floors on the first floor, take out a wall, replace carpet for the upstairs, replace appliances and hvac whatever, and paint, paint, paint. (The current palette just isn't "us"- Ming red, fuchsia, and painted frogs. I'm serious about the frog.) These are the big items we'd like to have finished before moving in; there are other projects we can work on while living there and I secretly have fifty other ideas C does not know about, yet. So, he's definitely going to be busy.
We're hoping to move in two weeks after settlement, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, and the floors are finished, and the AC is installed. Mid-June means warm temps, and third trimester for baby. That so, I'm trying to be better about getting prepared to move a little at a time instead of in a frantic flurry at the last minute, as usual.
So, I have a list. Lately, I've had to write things down, and I hate to write things down because of the accountability involved with a visual to-do list (and the anxiety of someone discovering my list and holding me to it...), but my brain is no longer reliable to remind me of things or to retain anything. So, I must list. And I must do something on the list every day, because dogging my step is the realization that every day I'm going to get larger and the weather is going to get hotter so I better pick something to cross off. Anyway, progress is being made. (Updating this blog was on my list.)
Also on my list is paint colors. I have been told to start with something you love and base your house palette off of that piece. But really, I'm just trying to find a workable palette that matches all the furnishings we already have. I've fallen in love with the idea of green cabinets in the kitchen and have twisted the rest of the house to suit that idea. And then, when I realize my house is mainly green, I remember that I like blue best so begin again with blues until I come to my dear cabinets and cannot reconcile the blue and green. So, I'm still staring at fan decks.

I was going to say above that considering my intimacy with paint chips, our baby could actually be named after a paint color, and that is of course not true, but does lead me into what else is going on here: Baby. =) As most of you know, we found out we are expecting another sweet girl. And she has been a very good passenger. I would not know I was pregnant if not for the extra pounds (By the by, do not attempt Wii Fit while pregnant...accusations of late night snacking and what else...demoralizing) and that I cannot keep my eyelids up between 1:30 and 2:30. I am very, very thankful for an easy go so far as these other two little scampers and the looming move give me much to do. (Also, I really did forget to add, that FORGETFULNESS is a major doozy this pregnancy. Every morning, without fail, I begin the day by forgetting the husband's coffee. The day continues likewise.)

Anyway, speaking of those two little scampers... This past Saturday, we were at a birthday party at a park. Sonja had just used the potty chair in the car and I was about to empty it in the grass just in front of the car. I didn't want her to fall out of the car- she was in the front seat- so I closed the door and a moment later heard the locks go down. The diaper bag was in the car with my phone and keys. After extensive sign language, Sonja unlocked the doors. Relief. What an awful feeling! But, just in case I didn't really get the full effect:
Same day, back home, after naps, the girls and I sat in the sunshine on the back steps and had popsicles. We had a lovely time and afterwards, Anna hopped up the steps back inside and Sonja took the steps in an up-two-down-three manner. I was standing in the doorway watching Sonja when I was nudged by the door closing behind me. Anna had casually closed the back door, which we never unlock as it has one of those twisty childproof knobs on it and is a real pain to unlock. So, I was locked out once more. Anna was on the inside, but the knob had the twisty cover, of course. Again, much signage through the window and I successfully showed Anna how to open the childproof knob. So, there you have it. This is why baby must not cause any trouble. I'm borderline as it is.
Well, it isn't cohesive, but that's the gist of what is going on about here. I have pics for Sonja's bday...soon. Earlier today, Chris started making a shelf modelled after this one:

We all know where it's from. I've been wanting two of these- one for each of the girls to keep their bedtime books on. The current system results in books sliding back between the bed and the wall and I certainly don't fit under the bed to fish them out. So, I'm off to see how the project goes. =)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Easter celebration:
We went up to visit Great Grandmom the Saturday of Easter weekend.

Oma planned an egg hunt for the girls...

...and packed the eggs...

...with interesting goods. The girls were bananas over it. =)

Back home, the girls colored eggs.

Anna was REALLY excited about it.

Sonja, casually cool, per usual.

After a wonderful sermon and church on Sunday:

After defrocking, the girls started in on the candy.