Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anna is feeling much better. Thank you for praying for her. This afternoon, she was cracking up at everything. I caught a little on video.
These pictures re from yesterday- getting a little time outside.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here's what's going on:
Apartment, didn't work out. The realtor indeed was misleading us. =( We were disappointed but we have a few leads on some other places and we'll see how those pan out.

Much more importantly, we have Anna's fever down, a diagnosis for it, and she's doing better. She had woke up with this fever Thursday morning- 103.8 which seemed really high at the time. The Dr's office said to keep her on tylenol and come in Saturday if she still had it. She was pretty much herself through the day. Friday she started acting sick, then in the evening her fever went up to 104.5, and that seemed high, at the time. We talked to the doc and he said to switch to motrin and come in the next morning. She was up a lot last night, just feeling uncomfortable, and when she woke up at 5AM, she was burning up. Her temp was 105.3. So, we went into the ER immediately, and they determined she has the coxsackie virus plus an ear infection that may or may not be related to the virus. Anna has little ulcers in the back of her throat from the virus, poor baby girl. They gave her tylenol and amoxicillin and had us wait an hour until her fever came down some before discharging her. So, we're doing both motrin and tylenol to keep her fever at bay. If the ear infx is from a bug, the amox should help. There's only supportive treatment for the virus- so it's just going to run its course and hopefully clear up in this next week. We've just got to stay on top of that fever.
Anna's been spending most the day asleep on one of us. It's tough getting her to eat because her throat is so sore. =( She's supposedly contagious to other kids for the next few days so we've cancelled all activities and will be holing up around here. We did take her for a short walk today to get a little fresh air as she's been cooped up since Thursday, and she chirped up a bit being outside.
So, that's that.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Last night, Chris and I were at the dinner table and Anna was playing on the floor with toys. I looked over and she was clapping her hands! I'll have to get a picture up soon, but she is napping right now. Anyhow, this morning, she was playing on the floor again and I looked over and she was putting the rings back on the stacking toy- she always takes them off, and throws them over her shoulder, but this was the first time she ever put them back on. So, she's learning new things.
She is super mobile now. She used to just follow me around the apt, but now even when I'm in the same room as her, she'll take off. See ya, Mom.
Other news- apartment search...
Okay, we found a place that we really like. It has everything that we were looking for, all new...a dishwasher without blue eyes...one and a half baths...baby room with lots of Pottery Barn Kids potential...closets galore...a patio and picnic table for our virgin grill...central air...I really want this cute place. So, our application is in, it is first in line and we are currently hounding the real estate office to monitor the process. I already have the whole place furnished and decorated in my mind...Okay, stop, reality check- we don't have it yet. Settle yourself writer. There may be some problems with the landlord-realtor comm lines and we may have been given some incorrect information which would throw a wrench in the whole deal. So, for the time being, I'm going to get a grip and keep calling around until it's a signed lease. We'll keep you posted...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

This has been a big week for our little girl. Sunday night, she started waving. Tuesday morning, started crawling. Thursday morning, started pulling herself to standing in her crib.

Sitting back down, gracefully, is a challenge.

We went up to the park this afternoon and Anna went on the big slide, with dad.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The weather's been fantastic of late and we've been enjoying it. Here's Anna and Grandpa having blueberry muffins yesterday morning before we headed outdoors.

We went to Chestnut Hill and strollered down the old sidewalks looking at the shops and lovely stone buildings. We walked all the way down to Chestnut Hill College to see its beautiful campus and then turned around to retrace our steps and find one missing pink sock. Anna enjoyed her view from the stroller and Grandpa's arms. We saw some geese and called them ducks to see if Anna would say duck, but nope. Partway back to the car we stopped at a produce market and Anna had her first taste of blackberries. Mom's white shirt commemorates that fact. Anna fell asleep on Grandpa on the rest of the walk back. Here's the tuckered out girl.

Then today, Anna and I ran a few errands and then stopped at the park here before coming home. She loved it.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Houston, we have lift off! She can crawl forward! This morning, she figured it out- just put one knee in front of the other...and soon you'll be crawling 'cross the floor. Here's a short video of one of her first crawl passes.
She looks so cute trying to coordinate it all; it's been a fun day watching her practice constantly. And Grandpa is here from Georgia to visit so she's getting plenty of applause from the three of us.