Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's day festivities were held yesterday. Chris was out of town for the actual Sunday and we've been kept so dang-busted busy we ain't had time to since. (Who knows where that busy phrase is from?)
Anyway, we went mini golfing-

Really though, Anna played broomball.
She was pretty efficient at sweeping the ball into the hole.
Here they are, held up by folks who had started out 8 holes ahead who obviously didn't utilize the key sweeping motion. Sonja pressured Dad at each hole to sink his putt fast so she could hold the ball.
18th hole sadness...
"Thanks for going golfing, Dale E...I mean Daddy!"

We then bought ourselves a few more minutes like so:

So Daddy could hit a bucket of balls.
So it was a happy Father's day indeed. =) We sure love that sweet Daddy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Well here we are long about knee deep in June...

We're having a nice and busy summer. Anna started swim classes and that's been fun for just her and I to do something together. Chris is still playing tennis, softball and frisbee most every week. Sonja is close to running. The girls and I go for runs with the jogger a few times a week. It's just nice being outside before the heat gets oppressive.

Earlier this month, our dear friends from KY finally gave in and moved near us. =) Another couple friends were engaged. Another couple friends were married. Chris finished his pre-req classes for his master's. June's been a happenin' month.

I took a quiz on Facebook yesterday, don't judge me, to see "Which Famous Couple Are [We] Most Like" with the result of John and Abigail Adams. (For the record, I have taken two quizzes in my entire Facebook life...it's not like that.) Anyway, I was saying so because...Chris went by himself to Canada, we stayed home. The girls and I go to the beach in a few weeks, without Chris. Chris then goes to the beach with the guys, without us. During the week- I go to Bible study, he's home. I go to coffee, he's home. He goes to dinner, I'm home. Etc, etc and so on. We promise, things are not on the rocks. It's just the way of life for people like John and Abigail...well sorta. It's not like he's going to France for years. And I don't have to worry about smallpox.


I don't have too many pics of late.

Here is Sonja laying one on a Kentucky boy. =)

When Chris was in Canada, we recovered and added padding to the jogger cushions:

And this is the "before pic." I had already taken the other cushion apart to use as a template. Anna and Sonja practicing synchronized begging. The IOC is considering adding the sport to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Anna and Sonja plan to compete.

And one last thing- this morning, I halved a biscuit recipe. I realized after I poured in the buttermilk, that I had forgotten the sugar. In the heat of the moment, I added the whole recipe amount of sugar. So, basically, we had buttermilk shortbread at breakfast. And it is evident in the girls' energy level. We better get ourselves to a park...

Monday, June 08, 2009

The weather this weekend was plain wonderful. Almost summer, but not frying hot yet. We didn't have any obligations other than hanging out as a fam, so we did that.
First Popsicle. The gardener. The stroller.
The pool.
Actually, Sonja didn't like the pool at all. The water was a little cool when we first put her in. After two more buckets of hot water, it was plenty warm, but she held the grudge. Pardon me, I need to go pick the bathroom lock. Someone must have locked it and pulled the door shut. That same little someone now needs to go, so I've gotta scoot. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Project post.
Here's what I've been making, besides dinner.

Argyles for two little chaps born this year.

It was a little bit sad to send these away...the only bit of blue in our very pink world.
See, back to pink.

I started this jumper for Anna a long time ago and was so excited about decorating it with embroidery. But once it was knit up, I was flummoxed. I don't freehand. I tried a few different things, ripped each one out and ended up doing these daisies. I'm still not happy with it- ideas?

A bag for Sonja, for putting things in. I would use a stiffer interfacing next time.Chris made this frame and helped me stretch canvas on it. Then, inspired by a plain flower canvas I saw in you-know-where, I graphed my version, sketched it in pencil, traced printed and cut out numbers, and filled everything in with paint. I don't know if you would call that painting. Paint by number? And lastly, some of you ladies know about SewMamaSew!, a blog/shop with lots of sewing inspiration. Last weekend, they organized a giveaway with some 400 crafty blogs. I spent several evenings browsing through all the giveaways and commented to enter on probably 15. There were two that I was really interested in- a lady in France was giving away an adorable notebook cover and another lady in the US was giving away a really cute quilt pattern. On Monday, all the blogs announced winners. I didn't win the notebook and I kept checking the other blog to see about the quilt, but by afternoon no news on the blog. Then Chris came home and we were fixing hamburgers for dinner. I sent the meat out to the grill and checked my email real quick and...I WON the quilt pattern! I was super excited. I flew out the back door- I won I won I won!- Chris and girls stood there blinking for a minute while I hopped around but then Chris was a good sport acting excited too.

Look, isn't it fun?! Okay, that's all I've got for now. =)

Monday, June 01, 2009

We returned from Georgia Tuesday last week. (Chigger free- that is important.) It was very restful and laid back. So much so that it has taken us five days to get back into our old groove. Here are photos:
Sonja getting to know Hunter dog.
Anna helping Uncle Rob sweep the floor.Wii bowling.

Chess with Aunt Hannah.
Feeding time at the zoo. This was Anna's favorite activity. The iron bars around the stairs comprised her cage. She spent half of our time there in her cage, asking to be fed through the bars.
Corn husking for the first time. DW dog and the look alike aunt and neice.

Warmed up to DW. The girls in Sunday best. =)
The four of us.
Sonja's first corn on the cob and she was a-happy about it.
Anna's first time strawberry picking.
So the girls had a blast there. Things were a little rough the first few days home on account of a drastic drop in the entertainment venue. I simply couldn't fill the void of four aunts, two uncles, two grandparents, two dogs and of course daddy too. But the girls are back to entertaining themselves most of the time so we're functional again.