Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're two hours into Georgia roadtrip #2.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The girls are still napping. The new Martha Stewart Living magazine is on the kitchen counter, unread. I would love to sit back on the couch and immerse myself in her other-world but I know the moment I open it, naptime will be over. It just works that way around here. My kids have sensors- beep, beep, mom's not working, beep. Quick! Whine, potty, require, divert her attention to yourself, etc. Sigh...
Chris has a sensor too, if only subconsciously. If I really want him to come home early, I just turn on the computer, prop my feet up, have the girls to dump all the legos out on the living room floor and fight over them. It also helps to have no idea what's for dinner.
Is it just me?

Okay, Sonja's up. She has extra sharp sensors today. I was only thinking of looking through the new pbk catalog...

Monday, May 11, 2009

These three made Mother's Day a wonderful day round here. Sonja decided to start the morning pretty early, but Chris was a good sport about that. I was wakened by an aproned man serving up breakfast. He wouldn't let me post any pictures of him Williams-Sonoma-ed up, but it was cute. Real cute. After church, we had a quick lunch and then we three girls all took naps and Chris did the dishes. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard taking in the gorgeous weather. Chris grilled up an excellent dinner paired with a fantastic wine from a local vineyard. And then he did all those dishes too. A VERY nice day in my book. Lots of sleep, food prepared by someone else, no dishes, sunshine...makes a mom feel real special. =)
And today, we're back to reality. But I'm recharged- I need that every 365th day. I was inspired to get a hot breakfast going this morning so we could all eat together before Chris left for work. That doesn't happen as often as would be nice. I bathed my kids- which also doesn't happen as often as would be nice these summery-playing outside-covered in mulch-days. And THEN, it wasn't even 8:30AM and we drove to a trail near our house and I went for a run with the kids in the jogger. I seriously did. This is so not me and I'm sure I'll be feeling back to normal by tomorrow morning. Until then, I should get as many major house cleaning tasks in while I'm still riding this wave of rechargedness goodness...
Here a couple pics from out back.
Getting a little help up the slide.

Getting cut off and saying "Hey!"

The reason I get up in the morning.

(That's not really a sweet sentiment, it just really is the reason. I wouldn't get up if I didn't hear "I need to go pooooooootty!")

Okay, back to work. Hope everyone's having a good Monday!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Thursday. It's been raining all week here. Lots of random things going on here so here are snippets and pictures.
Last weekend, Chris' bro and sil were in town. They brought a little something for Sonja, and she just couldn't believe it:
On Monday, her big girl carseat arrived and we buckled her blue eyes in.

On Tuesday, I finished painting this growth chart for the girls.

On Wednesday, the girls and I made a quick trip up to Philly to see big Sonja who had this cool chair swing from Mexico. Anna loved it.

We cruised back into MD in time to meet Daddy for Anna's soccer class:
And today is Thursday. Anna had an appt with her eye doc and will be getting bi-focals next week. It wasn't raining when we came out from her appt so we stopped at the park to try out my early Mother's Day present! We had picked up a double jogger from craigslist because, once upon a time, I was athletic and the jogger seemed like the best way to reclaim some of those sarcomeres. Anyway, we just squeezed in a run between cloud bursts, stopped by Dad's work for a high five and scooted home for lunch and naps.

So, those are the random events that made up this week. Sorry for the choppiness...Chris just came home and has those girls out for a walk so this is prime time for dinner starting. More articulate blogging later...