Monday, August 13, 2007

Today Anna took two steps! I forgot to put in her baby book, as in this blog, that her first step was the Saturday at the Lairs'.
And today Anna's big girl carseat arrived! (Not that she weighs enough to need it yet- and yes we are considering feeding her straight Crisco.) Anyway.

Opening the box.

Big time grin.

Strappy straps.

Tongue action.

Finding herself hilarious.

She cracks me up. Okay, more pictures. Here's Anna at her studies...

Come with me on a journey into symbolic logic!

If p then q...

Rules of inference.

Mom, this is a little advanced- I'm going back to e implies i implies e implies i implies o.


  1. Missy, she looks so much like you in that last picture! She looks like she's so much fun. Love the smiles!

  2. Why don't cars come with nice seats like that? Think about how pretty my car could be!
    Happy early Birthday,'re going to get some mail in a couple days!