Wednesday, September 05, 2007

1 year check-up. Today we went in and saw our dear doc. Anna has gained more than a pound in less than 4 weeks! Which brings her all the way up to the 3-5 percentile. The doc doesn't mind and neither do I- she eats aplenty and has rolling thighs to prove it. She had to get just one shot because the other two immunizations were on backorder(?? why yes, it is just my child's health. Backorder?) Anna didn't complain though. So, she was declared fit as a fiddle.

And this is mom's update on Anna. Walking, she does it. She refuses to walk for food though- if we hold out food to her, she lays on the ground and whines and we feel guilty for trying to entice her with nourishment. But she walks for her own pleasure. She still crawls to get places quickly though.

Talking, she does it, all the time. And now it is becoming more legible. Here's some of what she's saying:
There! (pointing to teddy on Find the Teddy book)
Hot! (flat hand waving towards stove)
Deeenk (drink)
Thahn! (thanks)
Sheez (cheese)
Dat (snack/Gerber puffs)
Peeez (please, but we only get that rarely)

Her other words are known to her only. I'll have to get some of her babble on tape- she acts like she's telling me all sorts of important things. And I'm sure they are important, if only I could understand what. =)

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