Monday, December 10, 2007

Last year we planned to go to New York City in Dec, but we had to take a raincheck, because it did rain. This year, we got to go! And the Livingstons came too. We drove to NJ and took the train into Penn Station. Here are the bundled up girls on the train.

Within a block of the train station, Anna was out. She slept for three hours of sight-seeing plus lunch.

We walked up to see the big tree at Rockerfeller Center. The guys used multiple sources to secure a lunch site.
We had Ray's Pizza...the pizza was great. The bathroom No words.

Anna woke up in Central Park.

We watched some ice skating in the park.

Then we exposed the kids to FAO Schwarz. Anna fell in love with a massive pink stuffed puppy. Sorry to say, we just couldn't drop 100 for it. And we'd have had to bought another train seat. She got over it- see, she's smiling here in Playmobile land with all the Liv kids.

We showed Anna the tree on our way back to Penn Station and some more ice skaters.

Then back to the station, back on the train, back in the car and homeward we went.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Did you go and see Balto. you know he has three movies and he ran the shortest distance. Togo ran almost half the whole lenght of the trail and no one knows about him.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    by the way that last comment was from aunt katie

  3. Oh...Balto was farther north in the park than we went. Maybe when Anna's older, we'll read the story about the Iditirod and go see his statue. I had forgotten all about that. And yes, poor Togo.

  4. I started reading the first comment and thought, only Katie would know and say something about Balto...sure enough my suspicions were confirmed in post number 2.

  5. In Katie's defense Togo doesn't get the credit he deserves. Not only did he run almost twice as far as any other dog, he did it on the hardest part of the trail during a blizzard at night with temperatures hitting -85F with the windchill (if you think freezing is cold and +85 is warm imagine -85 which is over 100 below freezing) and because Seppala couldn't see due to the white out conditions Togo lead the team straight to the ice house at night. If that isn't enough then surely even those with the coldest of hearts will change there mind at this revelation:

    While Seppala and Togo were crossing the ice of the Norton Sound, the team was temporarily stranded after the ice they were crossing broke off and became an ice floe for several hours. When the ice drifted back to the solid sheet of ice crossing the bay, Seppala had Togo jump across the 5-foot gap in-harness to pull the floe closer to the shore. The harness snapped and fell into the water, but Togo jumped into the water, took the traces in his jaw, and pulled the floes together until it was safe for the rest of the team to jump. Amen.

  6. Looks like fun times. And man, Anna is a cutie!!