Friday, February 29, 2008

Well hello there. We indeed had fallen off the map and it has taken some time to crawl back on with a beach ball belly and all. I kept checking this blog to see if someone would update it, but nobody has so here I am. I'll start at the beginning and see how far we get before naptime.

Move: We moved. We had a fantastic moving crew of good friends, including one cute puppy to entertain the kiddos, who had every content of our home on the yard in seconds flat. They arranged everything in the truck, a sweet saint from the church brought lunch over and everything was done. Chris and I packed the last few things in the cars and we were off to MD. A couple of Chris' friends came over to help unload into Chris' parents' garage and extra rooms in the house. So we here we were.
Then house hunting began. I pored over Craigslist, classifieds and apartment guides for the first two weeks. Then Anna and I went to see all sorts of places. Maybe two weeks ago, we found our home. I fell in love when we walked in the door.

Our new place: It's cute. That's usually the most important factor for me. It's the first floor of a home again. Smaller than our last place, but cuter. The owners did a nice job redoing it. The kitchen is all new, the walls are a nice clean taupe, white trim, wood floors, an archway into the kitchen. I love archways. A dishwasher! I LOVE dishwashers. And a full sized washer/dryer in the hall closet, which also claims my affection. There is a window over the kitchen sink and a door in the kitchen leading out to the backyard, making grilling convenient. One drawback- closet space. There are two coat closets and that's all. So strategizing and seasonal wardrobing. We do have a basement though so we'll be able to store all the nonessentials.
We get the keys this coming Sunday and will take things over during the week. Then move the furniture in on the following Saturday. I'm so excited. I have a floorplan written out, but from memory, no room dimensions, so we'll see how that turns out.

Okay, I owe updates on baby and Anna. I haven't taken many pictures of late, and the ones I have taken are still on the camera because the USB cord, camera and computer never seem to be on the same floor concurrently and those stairs are a major deterrant to me at this time. For now however, it is naptime.

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