Friday, May 30, 2008

First of all, we made summit yesterday. Anna was my little Sherpa, Nick. I paid her in Pepperidge Farm currency.

Today, it happened. I knew it was inevitable, I tried to prepare myself, but I still cried when it occured. Ready for the story?

It's been a long week. I'm a spoiled woman, okay, I know. I'm used to Chris coming home and pretty much taking over. But he's sick, and that's a get-out-of-superman-duty free pass. Also, my mom's been at Disney World all week so I'm not getting my morning pep talks. Anyway, that's just background.

At 5:30PM we left Dad to rest at home while Anna, Sonja and I went out for a walk. As we started off with the double stroller, I mentally noted to check often to make sure Sonja's socks stayed on. Anna tossed her dolly a few times so I gave her a safe seat on the hood.(The dolly, not the child). We had strolled about 1/4 mile when I noticed Sonja's pink piggies wiggling in the breeze. Rats. Okay, we'll just back track. As I turned around, I saw the one sock just a few yards back. We booked it up the hill because it was straight into the sun and the girls were getting squirmy with the sun in their eyes. I was almost home with no second sock in sight so I decided to try to loop around and go over the route again. All this for a sock? Well, I was feeling agitated and wanted to get more energy out.
I turned down the road and looked for a side street to take me back to the earlier route. The first three side streets were dead ends so I gave up on the sock and turned for home. We went just a little ways when Anna asked for her dolly back. As I knelt at the front of the stroller to hand it to her, AHA! Sonja's sock! It was wedged in Anna's seat the whole time. Okay, good to see you sock, let's get on home now...oh wait... Anna, where are your GLASSES?! We zoomed back over the little way we'd come so far and there they were on that dead end street, all run over. I found one the of the lens, which must have popped out when she tossed them, but it was chipped up anyway.
I put the smushed frames in my pocket and we trudged home to the tune of Anna asking for "glasses on".
Dad took it well. He always does. I cried my eyes out. Anna came in the kitchen as I was making dinner, and crying, and asked, "What's matter with Mama?" I said alot of things in my head about keeping glasses ON...
Providentially, Anna has an eye doctor appt on Tuesday so perhaps her lens prescription has changed anyway? Either way, we have a socked infant and a farsighted toddler for the weekend.
So, that's the story.


  1. That's OK Anna. I broke my glasses at school on the play ground. My mom didn't cry but I did.

  2. Oh, Missy, I totally understand!!

    How many times have I panicked over the $8k CI that would NEVER stay on my toddler. We now tape it to his head, literally. Heh, I got double-sided tape used for wigs and toupees.

    At least she noticed. :)