Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sonja is 3 months and a week old. She rolled over for the first time three weeks ago(that's for the baby book record that is this blog) and today let out her first giggle. We're in the babymoon phase right now: she'll sleep 10 hours straight at night and still takes naps anywhere. Nurse five times a day and get chubbier every time you look at her. Smile at everyone and everything. It's a good time.

Anna is at a slightly more complex stage of childhood. Potty Training School closed its doors last week. And no diplomas were issued. The janitors did receive bonus checks though. Re-enrollment to begin in the fall.
She's not ready. No connection there yet. We'll try again in September probably.

Other news-
Last weekend was Sonja's debut performance on stage! We had met up with some GCC alum to see Chris' bud Jonny in Guys & Dolls. During dinner, the plan was hatched for Jonny, who was Sky, to take Sonja on stage with him instead of a dolly. Chris and Jonny are both longtime friends of the play director so it was pretty special. The director hadn't ever seen Sonja yet, but knew that she was Chris' daughter as soon as Jonny walked out on stage with her. Sonja slept through the whole thing. Here are the Grovers:

Also, Anna's friend Allegra from Philly was here all of last week. Anna really enjoyed having a playmate. I feel so bad that we don't have any kids her age in our neighborhood. I'm looking forward to next year when Sonja will be older and they can play with each other.

Some other pictures:

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, I realized that we've never taken a picture of all four of us. A full 99.9% of our pictures are taken by yours truly so we have plenty of shots with the girls and dad, but none of all four. So as we walked out the door, we used the timer to snap one, finally.

Can you say "unenthusiastic cheese"?

Anna holding her chubby sister.

Okay, that's all I've got for now. =)

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  1. Darling as always, those little girls. And you two, of course, too. :) Thanks for updating us.