Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend before last, my parents were in DC. My dad was there for work; my mom was there to hang out with us. Thursday we took the girls to the National Zoo:

Friday, we went to the national mall and it was absolutely empty. Granted it was 10AM and a weekday, but I just couldn't believe how deserted it was. We parked (for free even!) on Madison St directly in front of the carousel. Here we are in front of the west building of the national art museum. See how empty??

Inside the west building.

The plaza between the art museum buildings.
Metro Grandma.

Anna fell asleep at the Museum of American Art and slept all the way to the Lincoln Memorial (and that's 2 miles of power strollering.)

Back at the car, Anna went for a quick ride on the carousel while I fed Sonja who would have preferred lunch at the Lincoln Memorial and made that point the entire walk back...

Then we picked up my dad and squeaked out of the city before Friday traffic really got going. It was fun seeing everything, but being in big cities stresses me out. Even though it was pretty quiet at the mall and we didn't have terrible traffic, I was on level 10 hyperawareness until we were back in good ol' Anne Arundel county.
That night, we went down to Annapolis to dinner on the harbor. I really like Annapolis. Especially after being in DC. Anyway, my parents stayed at a hotel nearby Friday night and we had all day Saturday before they flew out that evening. It was a fun time.


  1. I like Annapolis too. :o) What sweet girls. Glad you had some family time.

  2. When are you guys coming up this way??

  3. Did you ever see the Ravens in Pittsburgh? :-)

  4. Ugghh. Last

  5. I wonder if Ravens eat crow?
    Well it wasn't that humiliating. The announcers were saying "Maybe we have overated the Steelers." That is humiliating...but there still is some doubts, I imagine.

  6. I don't know when we'll be up next. So expensive now that we have three plane tickets! Wish it were tomorrow. But whenever it is, we will DEFINITELY let you know!