Monday, November 02, 2009

So October flew by. With only one post. Really? Okay, let's just get back to it. October was busy- Chris was in PA solo for a wedding, I was in PA to see big Sonja, the girls went to VA, we all went to OH. I don't remember anything else from the month. It just went by in a blink. A blank blink.

When we went to Ohio, Opa got a new puppy-

Also out in OH, we went to a pumpkins festival-

These four are really excited about pumpkin ice cream.

Appreciate the 1600lb pumpkins in the background...

Also in Ohio, we were able to see the Kirklin's!

The girls with Uncle Roo and Daddy.

Back in MD, this fuzzy bear loves getting to pick up the puppy.

Other than busy weekends away and the usual runaround, the etsy shop has been keeping me busy. I'm hoping we have enough sun tomorrow to get some pictures of the new little product line- Flowers, dots and a little bit of cashmere.
Okay, say goodnight, Gracie. Goodnight, Gracie.

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  1. thanks for the pictures. How do they grow so fast. Right back at you with "how grown up" Sonja is looking. I tend to all of a sudden look at my kids and go "wow" you are getting big. I have been doing that with them both a lot lately, especially Allie.