Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hello and happy December! Boy is December a busy month...I'm sure you can relate...and only two weeks until Christmas. Yipe as I type!
Anyway, last we met, we were headed for the south. We left the girls in good hands and said howdy to five days of pretending to be in college again.

C was in the groom's party, so he spent Thursday night with the guys. I met up with my college roomie Erin who treated me to a fabulous night at the Dallas Symphony.

Then we were busy with wedding things until Saturday afternoon. The wedding was wonderful. Chris' buddy since middle school, who was also in college with us, tied the knot with a real gem. Here are the two guys, (gem in the background.)

At the reception, Chris and Bryce did some boot scootin' and we hung out with more Grovers.

And I got to dance with this fella.

After sending the happy couple on their way, we went downtown to some texmex place... hang out with all these fun people.

Sunday, Chris and I spent some time walking around a ritzy mall, going to the movies, having champagne and was a great time. And it was a good length of time- we were definitely ready to see the girls on Monday, but I'm glad we had as long as we did to just hang out. Thanks Mom, Pop, aunts and uncle Rob. =)


  1. You look great in hats...okay, you look great in anything....but I really like the hat. ;o)

    Glad you guys were able to get away.

  2. Looks like you had a fun trip. I am sure the girls enjoyed all the attention while you were gone. Whenever we get back from family vaca's I think to myself "You guys are going to be so board! Its just me and I have a lot to do since we have been gone" It usually works out ok since they haven't been home in awhile.