Monday, May 31, 2010

Tomorrow is June and summer officially begins sometime therein. I love summer about 90%. The other 10% is due to humidity, mosquitoes, but mostly daily bathing of sweated and dirty feeted children. However, there is something to saying goodnight to fresh washed and tuckered out children, while it is still light even. So, I suppose I like summer 93%. Enough for an A. Or A- in grad school.
Anyway, so far we have enjoyed our first of season corn on the cob.

We received our first of season free tickets to the O's, and attended alongside forty other fans... O's are the worst in baseball at the moment so attendance was second to lowest on record. Also, it was rainy so the bounce house was not up and the playground was wet. Had there not been t-ball practice and sweet friends to meet up with, the night might have been a loss for all parties involved. Well, except Kansas City.

We had our first BBQ of the summer. (And the last one in this teeny house, I hope. Eleven people and rain meant grown men sat at the girls little table...) Chris with a couple of the guys.

We have broken out the sunhats and crazy sunglasses. And Sonja has busted out her dance moves.

Hurrah for summer time. =)


  1. Ha! Love the dance moves :) What darling girls you have!

  2. I couldn't agree more about summer time and crazy glasses and I wish that I could see Sonjas dance moves!

  3. I still love her shirt even though it's supposed to be a dress! :) Crazy pattern sizes.