Friday, June 11, 2010

Projects of late:
Most of my evening time has been geared towards the new house...which we STILL are waiting to close on, hopefully Monday...researching appliances, etc. But, after a week or so, I miss my little Viking lady and find a reason to sew something. Once inspired, I always stay up too late, and always regret it, and spend the next day flat on the couch as often as possible (not very with these two). Anyway, this is what I've been making:

My friend Rachel made this sweet dress for her niece last year and lent me the pattern. She warned that the pattern ran large, so I made the newborn size and ended up with a shirt(!) for Anna:

This quilt was finished in the eleventh hour so this pic is swiped off Rachel's blog:

Guess what these are:

Baby wipes!

Friends of ours used these bamboo velour wipes with their first child and loved them. They asked me to sew up a second set for their newest edition and sweetly gave me enough fabric to make a couple extra sets. When I heard the idea of reusable wipes you had to wash, I was not interested at all. And then I felt the soft and buttery, and in a solution in a wipes warmer? Wow. Luxury and thriftiness meet. We'll try these with baby girl in September and I'll let you know how wipes-washing goes.

And last, quilt for WICP.

Alright, my brain just walked out the door. Like a light switch, it's gone, so I guess we'll end here. Happy weekend!


  1. Ya know, Andrew and I have been talking about eco-friendly baby stuff. We're all about the cloth diapers, but I never thought about the wipes... Hmmm, I bet they'll put my homemade Schwartz Suds laundry detergent to the test.

  2. Adorable. Love that shirt for Anna!

  3. Sarah Moulton10:40 AM

    it always seems to me the days i choose to stay up late my kids always get up earlier then they usually do. Your sewing projects are super cute!! Sewing the quilt together (not sure the technical term) must have taken you awhile! Unless lady Viking has a sercret up her sleave. It is beautiful!

  4. You continue to amaze me. I know, let's add QUILTING to your list of're only pregnant with your THIRD baby girl....TONS of time on your hands. ;o)

    Everything is lovely as usual.

  5. You have been busy! Love love the quilt and Anna's shirt!
    Can't wait to see pictures of your house!!!

  6. That quilt is super cute too! You are such a creative genius!