Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summertime photos.
Chris' company picnic was at a park on the beach. We didn't know about the beach part until we arrived though so did not have swimsuits for the girls. But what was that when there was such fun to be had? We drove home with two naked children.

Another Saturday, we went up to see C's grandmom.

Then had lunch with Opa and started for home well into naptime. En route, some friends phoned to say they were at the pool near our house. We decided to stop by to just say hello as we didn't have the girls' swimsuits. Again, swimsuits are optional, apparently. Second Saturday of driving home with naked children.
Later that evening, we went to a neighbor's birthday party.
Scavenger hunt:

Anna earning her Junior Camper badge.

Going fishing.

Another Saturday, we enjoyed a backyard bbq with a sandbox.

And a juice box.

Summer days are made for bike rides.

And of course, we've had lots...

...and lots...

and lots of frozen treats.

So, we have had some fun this summer. =)


  1. Sarah Moulton11:10 PM

    looks like fun! My kids love summer treats!!! Allie hates bibs though and gets messes everywhere because she will take them off, ugh.
    Can't wait to meet all those cuties hopefully at Christmas time.

  2. Could your two girls get any more sweet? I don't think so!

    Love the new house photos too - it looks so much better now! Great work :)

  3. Sounds like swimsuits need to become part of the diaper bag ensemble