Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chris and the girls are out at the Orioles' game...I think all blog posts for awhile will begin something like that.
We've been on our own for two days now. My mom was here until Saturday and she is sorely missed, by everyone. Sonja sometimes just sits on the guest bed with a book, waiting for Grandma. =( I sometimes just sit at the kitchen table with a plate, waiting for Mom. Just kidding. Thanks, Mom, for being a huge help to our family!
So, it is onward to reality. Forward, ever forward. Actually, I feel like we've been pretty stagnant the last two days. We aren't running errands, I'm not doing projects, the house is on basic upkeep mode. I guess we're just easing into this party of five scene. My goals for today were 1- dress everyone. That was it. Baby steps.
Anyway, let's go back a bit, before baby came, to a day of productivity... A week before Rachel's arrival, we had a wonderful time celebrating a wonderful little Anna turning four. I can't believe we've had Anna for four years. Alas, no time to wax reminiscent. The clan will be returning soon and little R is starting to wake up, so here go pics... Nope, blogger isn't cooperating and Rachel says time's up.
Pics will have to wait...will I ever be productive again???


  1. Sarah Moulton11:24 PM

    No you probably won't ever be productice again... Just teasing, really! Although I feel like I get a handle on things and then intantly it is gone. You know what though I can't believe how big my baby is already, so honestly, enjoy ever minute and don't get worked up about what is or isn't getting done. Oh and I have a better schedule now and that seems to be helping me. Hang in there because it does get easier. I actually manage to get the house clean some days!

  2. Yes you will be that productive again. Although, you might be producing different things :)

    Just enjoy the days. I'm so serious. Snuggle babies and read them books. Projects will be there another day. Give your self six months before you have any other expectations than, get dressed, feed people and tidy enough for good health :)

  3. Six months...I can dig that. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. =)
    Sarah- there are glimmers here where I feel like we might have it together and I get the itch to take all three out to the store, but so far I have resisted. I know things can turn on a dime and I don't think we should try to venture far yet.

  4. You will. One day. (I'm still waiting... no, I'm kidding). :)

    Consider some basic babywearing when you do decide to venture out. Babies are usually vastly more cooperative that way, and then you have the other hands free to tend to your oldest two. (Funny to call Sonja an oldest, isn't it?)

    And... don't feel guilty if you have to shed a cart full of groceries and hightail it out of there if things get nutty.

    Enjoy your sweet babies... I try to remember that, even now.

    (By the way, I'd love to come and bring you guys dinner one day... is that ok?)