Sunday, September 17, 2006

On Friday, Anna started smiling at us- the cutest thing you ever saw. She makes us work hard for each one though. After a while, you realize you've been repeating "Who's a cute little girl?" in a sing-song voice for too long to sound sane.

Here she is dressed up for church. Sundays have certainly changed since Anna joined us. We sit in the back with the other families with babies and it's a different experience. So far, Anna has slept through most of the services though. This past evening service, she was wide awake for the hymns and she was fascinated by the sound.

Though Mama said no to Anna wearing her Ravens outfit to church, Dad put it on her soon after getting home. This picture of her about to smile was taken after the Ravens' win.

Anna actually slept through the game and I think is smiling because she just had her diaper changed. Dad says to the contrary.


  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    She might look good in Steeler garb. Very pretty young lady.

    Dick and Joanne

  2. Grandmom Schwartz6:29 PM

    Anna's losing that newborn look and moving into the infant/baby look. I can see how she's growing and changing: her face and arms are fuller. It's hard to be away from her at this stage in her life when each day brings something new to wonder over. Maybe Grandmom and Opa need to make a visit soon.

  3. Anonymous6:14 PM

    She needs a Chase Utley jersey!

  4. OH MY WORD!!!
    that Cheerleading outfit is so cute!!
    I'm just cracking up! I didn't know they made things like that so small.