Monday, October 02, 2006

Video reposted...
Anna rolls over for the camera!
We came home from our morning walk and after the routine diaper and outfit change, I put Anna down to play on the floor on her stomach. She pushed herself up with her arms and got her head over one arm. I realized she was going to show off her rolling skills so I found the camera and here she is.
We had a great weekend. Friday, Anna, who is not allowed to watch tv, was spared from viewing Poseidon, a drawnout cliche of a movie. Saturday, Anna went to her first meeting of the church ladies then came home to enjoy the attention of grandparents- Chris' parents were up for the day. Saturday night, Anna had her first trip to Walmart. Early Sunday AM, Anna and Mom had a couple-hour-long party at her crib. Later in the morning, we went to church and Anna protested through most of the service. We don't think she has any real qualms about Isaiah's prophecy or P. Troxel's interpretation- she was just tired from her and Mom's above stated party. Sunday afternoon was enjoyable as she simultaneously napped and cheered the Ravens on to yet another win. Anna's enthusiasm has certainly impacted their record- maybe Art Modell should send us a check.
All in all, the weekend meant lots of Daddy time, which meant it was a great time. Dad started working at a new site this morning. His commute is now an hour and a half each way so time at home will be even more premium. We are surely thrilled when Dad walks in the door. Here's Anna dreaming of Dad.

The batteries needed changing in the camera this past week so there were few photos taken. However, here is Anna's contribution to Abington's stats.

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