Sunday, October 22, 2006

We made the trip across PA okay. The drive takes a little longer with a high-maintenance passenger. Plus, we had to stop for Anna. She did great! The trip took about 7 hours with stopping to feed and change her and she only cried maybe 15 minutes total. The car puts her to sleep.
Grove City was very cold!! Chris and Anna were bundled together in the baby bjorn with the fleece cover so she stayed cozy. Chris and I relied on Sheetz coffee and cocoa for warming up, just like old times. We spent Saturday going to the parade, walking and seeing people around campus, defrosting in the Geedunk and going to Rachel's with some other folks. On Sunday, we went to Hillcrest church and enjoyed visiting with the families from there. We left later than we had planned, we always do, and rolled back into Glenside at the wee hour of 2AM. We were all pretty wiped out. However, Superman Chris went to work several short hours later. Anna and I did this for the day:
Here's Anna flying.

She's enjoying time on her stomach now that she can hold her head up pretty well. She's so cute, we think.

This weekend, Anna met her Great-Grandpa. He flew in Thursday from AZ and, with one Anna-smile, was smitten. We had a good time together. We spent most of Friday afternoon going back and forth to the mechanics shop because my car was in for "an oil change" that was taking FOR-ever...but actually, darling Chris was surprising me by having a remote entry and ignition mechanism put in. So this winter, I can start the car from inside our apartment so it is warm when Anna and I get in it. What a great idea and what a great guy.


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Hi Schwartzes--
    Sorry we missed you in Philly! We'd have loved to see you, but sounds like western PA was good. Anna is beautiful and I love the pic of you two sleeping, Missy! We enjoy reading your updates!

  2. Hey Josh, Erin and Hannah!
    We miss you guys. I'm sorry also that we didn't get to see you. Do you guys have a blog? We'd love to watch Hannah get bigger. Hope things are going well for you Texan home-owners!

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM is ours. There's also a link on there to our Flickr site where I post pictures. I'm a little crazy and post way too many usually! :o)