Sunday, December 03, 2006

The rest of the story.

Flew back into Baltimore the day after Thanksgiving to spend a little time with the Schwartzes. Chris and his dad had things to do Saturday morning so we girls hit the mall for some Anna shopping. Grandmom found some darling outfits for Anna and here she is in one:

Anna met Dad's longtime friend Jonny.
We drove home Saturday night, had a relaxing Sunday and started back at it. Anna and I drove Chris down to Delaware Monday morning to pick up his repaired Jeep. BTW-there was a tearful goodbye at Enterprise before we went to GA.
This past week, Anna seems to have grown up so much. She holds her hands midline and has better control over them. She started to grasp toys and bring them to her mouth.

She also started talking at her toys. Yesterday, she noticed her hand was her's for the first time and was fascinated. Our favorite development is her laughing! It is so sweet! We have some giggles on video but it's on the camcorder and I am not sure if I can post that. I'll work on that.
Today, we went out and cut our Christmas tree. The weather was cold and Anna's nose was a little cherry, but we found a tree and it is now in our living room. Anna likes the lights, a lot.

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