Monday, December 18, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everwhere you go. Unless you step outside where you'll wonder why you aren't wearing short sleeves. Strange weather.
Well, it looks like we'll hold off starting Anna on solids until probably mid to end January. I've been eating more and Anna did great this weekend so I think she's getting plenty of nourishment. Chris on the other hand- he realized on Saturday that he had only eaten leftover Pizza Hut the entire day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What kind of wife does that guy have? Looks like another Gourmet Week coming up...
Anna seems to mature every day. She spins the rattles on her infant seat and grabs the toys hanging from her playmat. She is starting to entertain herself for longer periods of time, but she still prefers Dad and Mom to at least be watching her if not playing with her.

Earlier this week we had Eleanor over to play. We read books and Eleanor wiped Anna's chin every time she started to drool- that kept both of them busy.

We don't let Anna watch TV- read that somewhere- but the other night we looked over and saw her living it up:

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