Saturday, February 17, 2007

Alright. Back on track. Posting the promised pictures.
The original reason Anna and I went to GA, and the rational for staying a whole week sans Dad, was a wedding in South Carolina where we'd meet up with Chris. One of the guys from Chris' tight group of twelve was getting married so Chris and JK drove down on Friday and Anna and I made the shorter drive up on Saturday morning.
Anna at her first wedding.
After a power nap, Anna was ready for the electric slide with Dad.

Okay, pictures, done. Whew, it has been a busy last couple days. We are down in MD this weekend to spend some time with Chris' parents and the bachelorette-for-two-more-weeks Julie.
Anna has a couple of new tricks. In addition to prunes, she's eating oatmeal, carrots and green beans, sort of. I tried to make the green beans, but I think they are too textured for her. She is pounding on tables with her little hand, dictator style. She also can purposely drop her pacifier and look for a reaction... She no longer sleeps in, and I miss that.

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