Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad! Today, Chris is 24, and much cooler than Jack Bauer. We had a little family celebration to honor the good man. Anna went crazy over the giftwrap.

Also big news...Anna is six months old. We had her check-up yesterday so here are the new stats: Height 50%, Weight 25%. Our chubby cheeked girl is getting close to 15lbs. Shots? Eh. Anna is shaping up pretty tough- she didn't cry until after the nurse gave her the third shot and then she stopped after a few seconds. (Also, she face planted onto our rug yesterday with no tears.) Sure didn't get that from me.
The doc said that we can introduce bread products to Anna so I thought we'd get her a treat for having to get shots. Biter biscuits!

So, not so much of a treat after all. Sorry, Anna. Maybe a couple months later you'll like it.


  1. Yummy, yummy! Watch those things when she starts really biting them, though. We've had some issues with them once we get down to the last bit. SHould be fun, though!

  2. Yeah, be glad she doesn't like those things. I swear they're made of quick-drying paint and glue.