Monday, July 02, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Closet Edition.

Worth his weight in gold. Thanks honey. =)
We now have use of all closets in the house, which means the last of the boxes are finally unpacked! I am still hemming and hawing about where to hang the clock, put the pictures though. It will be done soon. And then you can have pictures, Mom.
Anna is doing great! Good news- we kicked the pacifier this weekend. Cold turkey. A tough road to hoe, but not as bad as we thought we were in for. Thursday was borderline miserable, Friday was markedly better, and Saturday on was like she never had one. Whew! Boy was I dreading it, but it's done and she still likes us.
Another tooth popped up! I guess she's trying to make good all our excuses for her teething. She's still constantly chewing on her fingers and rubber ducks so I think a couple more are waiting in the wings.
And Anna has fully mastered the ability to unpack. She empties out her bottom two drawers, oh at least ten times a day. (Why do I bother putting the contents back in?) Today she pulled a couple pairs of shorts out of Chris' dresser and emptied the laundry hamper as far as she could reach in. It's funny to watch her methodically take something out, look at it, throw it down and reach for the next.
Okay, a couple pictures of Anna. I haven't taken too many lately, but I'll work on that.
Anna and her surrogate big sister Dem.

They are all eating graham crackers.

Going away bbq for Lairs; Anna helping herself:

Thanks for my swing, Grandmom!


  1. Grandmom Schwartz6:02 PM

    The closet looks great, Chris. Dad and Andrew just finished putting up a ceiling fan in A & A's bedroom. Must be a "do it yourself" fever going around. Congratulations on the pacifier!Always a difficult hurdle to jump. And what facial changes in our little angel--even in the two weeks since I've seen her! Must be the new teeth. Glad she likes the swing. Love, Grandmom & Opa

  2. Wow, I'm glad to have the dirtiest kid on that bench.

  3. Yeah, before the grahams, Maddie had a taste of ol' mother earth, courtesy of that sidewalk edge in the background. =(

  4. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Hey, Missy do you remeber the Grega's miniture horses. They have had five colts since we moved here and someones dogs, a chow and a chow-mix, got out and killed two.
    =( Daffy and Liberty and on Liberty's second birthday, too.I trained both of them and Liberty would only let me touch her. No one else could she would run away.Well, I am glad Anna gave up the pacifier. Don't let her suck her thumb now.
    Love Aunt Katie