Friday, March 28, 2008

Anna in pigtails.

I couldn't get a good shot though- she doesn't stay still for long anymore.

And here are a couple pictures of the house.

We have wood floors through the whole house and now that we've been here awhile I'm realizing the need for a hardfloor cleaner. Anybody have a good suggestion for a decent stick vacuum or a vacuum mop type of thing? It's really just to keep dust bunnies from proliferating, dern rabbits keep multiplying. I was thinking about that bissel flip-ease vacuum mop that vacuums on one side and then you can use it as a mop on the other side. Anybody ever had one? IS it too good to be true? Amanda K, didn't you get something like that? If I could carry it, I'd bring the shop vac up from the basement. I still love that thing, but Anna's terrified of it. I need something that is small and can be stored in a nook somewhere. The quest is at hand. We'll be looking at Best Buy tonight.


  1. First of all, CUTE pigtails. Second, I love the house!
    Thirdly, yes, I bought something for hardfloors. It's a Shark steam cleaner. All you add is distilled water (no cleaner). The jury is still out. Sometimes I have to still spray the floor in spots before using it to really get spots up. The washable cloth cleaners also get dirty pretty fast (it comes with two). That's enough to get through one cleaning for our place, but the dirt doesn't completely come out in the washing machine (they're stained). Anyway, I think I'd get something with a cleaner it, were I to try next time around.

  2. Cute girl! Cute house! :-)

    We've always had wood floors. What I do to keep up with the daily dust, etc. is just a Swiffer. I cut up rags in the shape of swiffer pads, so that I don't have to keep buying them. I spray dust spray on it and swiff away. To clean, I just use a sponge mop and Murphy's oil soap.

    I love hardwood floors. I dread the day I may have to have carpets.

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    love the house guys. Anna looks so cute. hope to see you soon.
    love aunt katie

  4. I mix 1 part white vinegar to 10 (or so) parts water in a spray bottle, spray the dirty spots or the whole area for a general cleaning. Mop with washable microfiber mop. No fumes, nothing to harm Anna. And, a gallon of vinegar costs $2.89, and it lasts forever. Plus, vinegar is a mild bleach, so it does clean up the dirt and grime.

    I have loads more cleaning me at ;D

  5. Amanda- thanks for the review on the steam mop. I was considering something like that but I agree, I'd rather something with a cleaner in it.
    Jnet- I have the swiffer, and should use it more often, but there are grooves in between a fair number of the boards and I need something with suction.
    Katie- you and the kids mutiny and get mom and pop to drive up in April...
    Heloise- I don't even own a mop. I have always done floors on my hands and knees. Now that I'm getting a mop, I was hoping to find a WonderMop that did everything including burp the baby.
    We went to a couple different stores yesterday. The smaller vacuums seemed like dustbusters on a stick. Maybe that would be good enough. But I still lean toward something moppish. I just didn't want to put the money into a wet/dry mop/vacuum until I get an idea of how well it would work. Hem haw.

  6. Pffft. The mop is optional, I won't call the cleaning police if you use a rag or sponge instead.

  7. So, sis, can you reach the microwave or is that for display?

  8. haha, good call Nick! Everyone asks that when they come in the kitchen. I've never actually seen her do it, but she says she has no problem getting to it.

  9. Funny funny.
    I just can't see into the microwave. I blindly reach for the dish. Once, when I was up on a chair, I noticed a forgotten bowl of corn that had been pushed into the back corner by some other entering dish. That must have been put in there several weeks ago so has probably been heated up 50 times or so...
    Just kidding, that didn't happen. But I do worry that it could.