Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anna's doing much better. She still has a little fever but is eating and playing like normal.
Daddy, however, was playing with Sonja yesterday and she apparently scratched his cornea. Why can we not just be healthy and well? Anyway, his eye hurt pretty badly all last night- he couldn't keep it open or have the light on at all, but it is much better today. I don't think he even needs to see a doc. Maybe this afternoon I'll fracture something to keep pace.

Before I do, here's an Anna story from yesterday-
She asked to take her temperature with the ear thermometer. I gave it to her and she put it in her ear until it beeped, took it out and looked at the screen. I asked her what her temp was and she told me our phone number. That's quite a fever. =)


  1. Geez Louise. A fever of 812? Ooooowieeee. I'm burning up.

    As for keeping pace with the injury/ sick will you do that if you break a leg?
    OK. I take that back. Stay inside, and wear 7 pairs of sweatpants so you'll bounce if you fall!

  2. I did have two pairs of sweatpants on today! Well almost, I had sweatpants over my pj pants because I was cold this morning. You and I ride the same brain frequency.

  3. I have been known to wear 3 shirts inside, along with socks and slippers and sweatpants and a robe. It's a stupid game I play. I like to call it "How many layers will you wear before you turn the heat on?"

    I hope everyone is healthy in your house again!