Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This innocent looking child went and turned six months on Sunday, while I wasn't looking. Oh time, why do you fly so fast?
In honor of the event, we debuted Sonja on solids. And rice cereal was our first contestant. Come on down rice cereal! And back up again, and again. She's not too interested in keeping that down. Next up, carrots! Hi carrots, where are you from? New Jersey? That's nice, I once learned how to make pumpkin soup in NJ. Anyway, let's see how you fare at staying in Sonja's mouth. Oh, I'm sorry, but you have been eliminated. Who's next?

Actually, the third time with rice cereal went a little better. I think it's a little trickier this time because Sonja is more aware of what we're eating than Anna was when we started her at 4 months. Sonja ain't no fool...

Today was Sonja's 6mo check up. She's weighing in at 14 1/2 lbs. 30%ile weight, 55%ile height. (I have to record it here because her baby book is in line after Anna's and Anna's isn't finished yet...or um started...) Other than the two shots, we had a nice visit with the ped.

Two little cookies.

That reminds me, the other day Chris called Anna "My little kiwi." Apparently, Anna really liked it because she keeps asking to be called such and refers to herself as that. Even when she's alone talking to herself in her room- "What are you doing my little kiwi? I'm playing dollhouse..."


  1. Six months? Are you serious? Wow! We were not in church on Sunday because of the croup and the early morning (1-4am) visit to the ER for Duncan and Amelie. Not fun. She came home MUCH better and has continued to be just fine. Everyone has drippy noses, etc. Ahhhh, October. May your home stay illness free! Love those cookies and the kiwi!!

  2. I can't believe how fast they get big either! Makes me sad but then I realize we can just have another...LOL. We enjoy hearing all your fun stories and we can't wait to meet Sonja and see "the little Kiwi" again soon.

  3. I was asking Sarah if little kiwi was something from vegietales but she said no. Still I was trying to figure out why Anna would like that name so much.

    Little Kiwi = Ravens defense??

  4. You'll have to check with Chris about any Ravens connection, but I think it's just because Anna really likes kiwis. Don't try too hard to analyze a two year old's logic...but you probably know that pretty well by now. =)

  5. That is one adorable baby girl! Love the dress too...