Friday, January 09, 2009

Okay, the girls are supposedly down for naps...I hear a lot of giggling in there but I'm going to at least start an update because it has been a long time.
So, last we chatted, Chris and I were working on projects. Chris was customizing Sonja's train engine for Opa's model track on Christmas morning. (Little did we know then that renovations were underway at Oma and Opa's house building a whole room for the trains! I have no pictures- did anyone else take pictures of the room yet??)
Anyway, the subdued Viking and I made things for folks this year. I normally don't post up my projects, but since I begged others to and love seeing what they made, I'm going to this time:
Travel tissue holders for stocking stuffers. Thanks for the idea Em!!
A tea wallet for the lady who carries tea bags with her everywhere, previously in a plastic baggie.

A pin cushion for my sis-in-law.

With matching tray for putting sewing things in.

A Bible cover for my little sis, and my first attempt at quilting fabrics.

When I had finished the last seam of my little projects, the night before Christmas Eve, I sat down to relax and look through Martha's January issue. The craft section featured this darling scarf:

Resistance was futile. I picked up my needles immediately to make a smaller version for Anna:

And, several sets of these silhouettes for the grandparents.
And lastly, some handiwork on someone's countertop.
So, those were the extracurriculars for December.


  1. Nice crafts, Missy! I love the fabrics you chose. I'll definitely be tucking those ideas away for next year!

  2. Love it! Love it! Good work!

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    well it lasted until you were gone and then well like Pop said, she won't change
    love aunt katie

  4. Sarah Moulton6:18 PM

    Nice work Missy. You are inspirational! I feel like I hardly managed to keep the house clean over Christmas let alone take on my extra projects. I love those silhouettes. SO cute! Did you make them? if so can you share the secret? Anna's scarf is darling. Her hair looks red in the picture though, is she an adorable red head now or just the camera adding highlights? Oh and your girls Christmas present is sitting here, but since I missed that deadline I think we will send it for Valentine's day. Thanks for the update. Hopefully we can get the kiddo's together some time soon. That would be fun!

  5. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Yay! Your tissue holders turned out great! I gave mine to aunts and cousins and everyone seemed to like them.
    I too was drawn to the Martha scarf and thought it would be a great scarf for children (since it doesn't come undone easily). In fact, I think I had one myself when I was little!
    Glad you're having fun crafting.
    PS I bought a Root and we love it--thanks for the tip.

  6.!!! You are so talented! What personal and thoughtful gifts! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sarah- you guys had ten times the eventful December we did...that you cleaned your house is remarkable. Seriously, I hope January is incredibly dull in terms of injuries. =)
    Anna's hair is still pretty blond, but there is some red (not as much as in that picture.)
    And don't worry about the girls gift. They are spoiled rotten as it is. =) (Did Will's slippers even come close to fitting?)
    And the silhouettes- I did make them. I took profile pictures of the girls. Uploaded the pics, put the image in *cough* Microsoft Paint to erase everything around the profile. (Nick is probably scoffing at my infantile computer skills.) Then converted that image in Paint to black/white. Pasted it into Publisher. Sized it, printed it, cut it out. Traced onto Bazzil charcoal card stock and done. You could probably think of ten more efficient ways to do it though...

  8. And they look even better in person! Do you have a pattern for the tea bag? If so, email me the link.

  9. Sarah Moulton5:03 PM

    Thanks for the info Missy. I think I might try some of those if I get a chance, it sounds fun.
    William's slippers didn't really fit at all but he was so excited about them that while I was in the shower Christmas morning they (William and his fellow trouble making companion Nick) opened the package up and he wore them around the house. His foot stuck over significantly but he didn't mind in the least. He thought they were great! I did put them away and plan to go Sears (there is a Lands End in there ) and exchange them, hopefully really soon so he can wear them.