Thursday, March 26, 2009

I know it's been awhile...but I have no pictures to post. I have taken pictures but I can't upload them to the computer because the C drive says it's full withthe other eight thousand one hundred eighty six photos. Chris needs to figure out what to do- burn them onto cds, get an external hard drive, delete half of them without my knowledge, etc- but he's booked up until next Thursday studying for a big certification thing. So, no pictures. =(

This week was scheduled in my heart for spring cleaning. My new favorite homekeeping manual, Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson, made it sound irresistable:

"It is delightful to begin the new season with a home that has been scoured top to bottom, every drawer emptied, every piece of china washed, every bit of metal polished, every fabric washed, every square inch of all surfaces washed, polished, scoured, waxed, or otherwise brought to its finest state. This helps you feel motivated to keep things as pleasant as they are after spring cleaning. It also means that you do not have a dozen big jobs constantly hanging over your head, getting in the way of your free time."

It's almost like she's promising me free time if I do all my cleaning... Except waxing, I don't know anybody who waxes. Well, furniture at least. Also, she promises that 'a full spring cleaning takes the average suburban household 2-3 days, rarely more.' (Really? Even with one worker and two dis-workers?) But she warns not to have any guests and to only do light cooking. So, we started the week with no plans but cleaning, no week menu because light cooking is surely Chic-fil-A or similar franchise, and health. I was so excited to start, I even status-ed it on facebook.
Sadly, health checked out Monday afternoon. That brought us through Wednesday with only half a day's cleaning. Last night, as I was laying plans for the morrow with renewed spring clean fervor, my sweet college girlfriend phoned and will be staying here today through tomorrow. I gladly pushed back cleaning until Friday. This morning, Chris calls and some dear friends from Philly will be coming down, for all day Friday.

I tried. I did try.


  1. I'll help clean'll be fun! I mean, that lady made it sound so enticing!

  2. sarah moulton10:53 PM

    good luck with the cleaning. I find that when I want to clean house top to bottom William is particularly naughty and makes extra messes. I think it is actually that I am trying hard to keep the house extra clean which doesn't work with a 2 1/2 year old boy! The effort is usually worth that "ahhh so clean" feeling at the end though. Oh and btw that is the red vest you bought William, he loves it! I am glad it was big on him because it has lasted so long.

  3. Kindred Spirits, we are. I will have to get that book back out, maybe it will inspire me to love on my home again.

    Book the Joneses for next week, why not wait until it's fully April to start in on Spring Cleaning, I think you have until June 21st to finish it and then think of all that summertime FREE time.