Thursday, March 05, 2009

What have we been doing this morning? Wasting time? No, wasting thyme.
I personally thought we were having a productive morning. We all were up at 6:30. French toast was on the table by 7, we even had family worship before Daddy left for work. I updated our blog (below), responded to emails, and tidied up a bit. The baby went down for her nap and I jumped in the shower thinking we were well on our way to a productive day. Meanwhile, the elder daughter prepared a gourmet fare for her stuffed dog- plastic play food spiced up with real thyme. Lots of it. In fact, all of it. So, I came out of the shower to find our thyme was wasted. I know there are a billion puns I could get out of this, but I simply don't have thyme.

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  1. Even with the thyme incident, I think your use of time is quite impressive.