Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Thursday. It's been raining all week here. Lots of random things going on here so here are snippets and pictures.
Last weekend, Chris' bro and sil were in town. They brought a little something for Sonja, and she just couldn't believe it:
On Monday, her big girl carseat arrived and we buckled her blue eyes in.

On Tuesday, I finished painting this growth chart for the girls.

On Wednesday, the girls and I made a quick trip up to Philly to see big Sonja who had this cool chair swing from Mexico. Anna loved it.

We cruised back into MD in time to meet Daddy for Anna's soccer class:
And today is Thursday. Anna had an appt with her eye doc and will be getting bi-focals next week. It wasn't raining when we came out from her appt so we stopped at the park to try out my early Mother's Day present! We had picked up a double jogger from craigslist because, once upon a time, I was athletic and the jogger seemed like the best way to reclaim some of those sarcomeres. Anyway, we just squeezed in a run between cloud bursts, stopped by Dad's work for a high five and scooted home for lunch and naps.

So, those are the random events that made up this week. Sorry for the choppiness...Chris just came home and has those girls out for a walk so this is prime time for dinner starting. More articulate blogging later...


  1. I love your growth chart!

  2. Sounds like a fun week! And I love the growth chart, too!

  3. Okay, ALL the pictures are great, but I, too, was going to comment on your amazing creativity with the growth chart. CUTE!

  4. I was going to post a projects post and explain the growth chart, but I'll just put on the record now- I am not actually creative. The design was very inspired. =)

  5. "I am not actually creative"

    What?! Then who was it who took part of the bi-partisan talks to name Big Orange Bear and White Baby? I am pretty sure the decision was unanimous...

    Green Dad and Blue Mom would be very disappointed.

  6. sooo, I've been reduced to a "SIL" nice. I thought I was the only one who still used FIL, MIL, DIL, everyday conversation. :D

    Nice artwork!

  7. Creative as always... I still enjoy the memories of the creative touches you blessed our home with.
    Homemade oatmeal bread tied up with a ribbon remains one of my favorites. :)
    Hugs, Lise

  8. The growth chart is awesome! And your family is awesome too.