Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The girls are still napping. The new Martha Stewart Living magazine is on the kitchen counter, unread. I would love to sit back on the couch and immerse myself in her other-world but I know the moment I open it, naptime will be over. It just works that way around here. My kids have sensors- beep, beep, mom's not working, beep. Quick! Whine, potty, require, divert her attention to yourself, etc. Sigh...
Chris has a sensor too, if only subconsciously. If I really want him to come home early, I just turn on the computer, prop my feet up, have the girls to dump all the legos out on the living room floor and fight over them. It also helps to have no idea what's for dinner.
Is it just me?

Okay, Sonja's up. She has extra sharp sensors today. I was only thinking of looking through the new pbk catalog...


  1. sarah moulton11:21 AM

    so true!

  2. I think all children and husband's have those sensors! Perhaps there's a procedure to remove them. I'll consult with my dear friend Google and report back with my findings!

  3. Rock and Fix DEFINITELY have beepers too!