Monday, July 06, 2009

Good morning Monday. =)

This past weekend was one of my most favorite ever. Chris had Friday off and the morning involved haircuts, hydrangeas, softball and daisies. Chris and his buds spent the afternoon playing v-ball while the girlies napped. Then we met up at Chris' parents with some friends for a car washing party and dinner. The girls went to sleep at his parents while we visited with friends. Chris hit upon the fantastic idea of leaving them to sleep overnight as we were planning on being there the next day anyway. His parents generously agreed, (the girls wake up awful early for a Saturday...), and Chris and I went skipping home. This was the first time I'd left Sonja overnight and the only time I've left Anna was when I was in the hospital having Sonja. Anyway, it was supernice to sleep in! Chris and I went out for breakfast, lingered over a crossword, and even went to JoAnn's fabrics.

We spent the afternoon vacuuming and detailing cars at C's parents. The girls played in the pool and ran around barefoot all day. Anna fell asleep at the dinner table. We swapped out seeing the fireworks for the hot tub and a foot rub.

After church on Sunday we just stopped at McDonalds instead of me cooking. Everyone took naps. We had smores after dinner. After the girls went down, the Mr. and I sat the by the firepit finishing the other crossword.

So now it's back to work. It's Monday and laundry is churning away. Hope everyone else had a great 4th weekend!


  1. Sounds luxurious! Glad you guys got a kiddo-free night! What fun.

  2. Ours was similar...perfect combination of productive projects that are usually on hold, friends, yummy food (that I didn't cook), and a night out together without the kids. good times.

  3. Sounds like everyone had a great weekend! Ours too was very much like yours, busy, but relaxing at the same time.... just so nice! Something tells me the part about going to JoAnn Fabrics was not Chris' idea! I hit the 4th of July weekend sale there too and couldn't believe the great deals I got! (well I could really, since I'm a bargain hunter, but you get the idea!) I'm so glad you guys got some nice quality time together! Tell everyone hi from us!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!