Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I know I need to catch up on the past couple weeks, but I've been thoroughly side-tracked playing with our new camera.
Lots of changes going on in this casa. Sonja resolved to give up her pacifier on New Year's Eve, as in we could not find her lone remaining pacifier at bedtime, anywhere. The day before we had disassembled her crib. Something was tragically wrong with this syntax.

Sonja has made excellent progress and no longer asks for it. The past two nights, she didn't get out of bed once and last night, she even insisted on staying in bed...(we don't have the mattress for Anna's top bunk in yet so she goes to sleep on our bed, Sonja in Anna's bed, and at our bedtime we conduct a small scale Chinese fire drill and Sonja gets a crib mattress on the floor.) So, last night, when Chris and I gave up on conquering Super Mario world eight's castle, I put sleeping Sonja down on the crib mattress and went to get Anna. I turn as I walk out the door to see Sonja scrambling back in to the big girl bed. I go to take her out and she insists, "Bed, bed!" while patting the pillow. I try to coax her to come down on the crib mattress, but she begged to stay in the big girl bed. A real mattress is much more comfortable than a crib one. So, the two little girls slept Willy Wonka style:

Okay, dinner! I'll be back. =)


  1. YAY! You're bloggin' again! I do love that picture of Sonja peeking into the dollhouse window. Such a neat point of view! Isn't it fun to renovate your blog AND your home? Good times. Happy New Year!

  2. Sonja looks like such a baby with her paci. Love it. Can she convince Adeline that life is better at night without one?

    Love your new profile pic.

  3. That picture of Sonja peeking into the dollhouse is just too awesome! And I didn't realize you had gotten a bunk bed! How fun!

  4. We do musical beds as well. I can't wait for it to end... My kids are little snugglers and I have let them both worm their way into bed with us every night. I am sure I will miss it some day but I could certainly use several nights away from it.

  5. I agree that the photo of Sonja peeking into the dollhouse is wonderful! I'm not surprised that you are a good photographer because I've seen your creativity and good taste on Etsy!