Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The week before Christmas, we enjoyed a great snowfall. It began late Friday night and continued through Sunday morning. The last flakes fell onto two feet of snow which drifted nicely to five feet, covering all of the Honda except one side view mirror barely poking out. We took the girls out on Saturday, but with the flakes still falling and a chill wind blowing, it was not the best experience. But look how excited they were to go out:

Anna could hardly walk, partially because she was wearing ten layers, but also because of the snow being deep. Still, she struck out for the swingset.

Then over to the picnic table and chairs.

Sonja was entirely immobile in the snow. We went for a quick swing which is not so very fun with snow blowing in your face, but we caught one smile before heading inside for cocoa.

Sunday morning, church was cancelled and there were no snow plows up our road until the afternoon anyhow. When the girls went down for naps, Chris and I joined the neighborhood in digging out the vehicles. It was a nice weekend of hibernating. =)


  1. Rock was a lot more pumped to be going outside but he also only lasted about 10 minutes before he wanted to come back in.

  2. p.s. I love your new header!

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