Sunday, February 14, 2010

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'm updating this blog.
The moon must be too.

Blue. The moon must be blue...once in a blue moon? Chris said I lost him. Sorry if I lost you too.
Anywho. Hello! Happy Valentine's Day.
Since last we chatted, we've seen some five feet of snow fall and boy are we ready for Old Man Winter to move on out of here. We're expecting snow tomorrow evening, so I guess his answer is no. So what have we been up to aside from washing snowsuits daily?

At the end of January, Chris generously let me fly out to Wisconsin to spend five days with my best friend, Sonja, and meet their new baby girl.

Mark, Sonja's husband, taught me how to shoot a revolver.

Chris had a bit of a rough go at home...the girls, who had not been sick since March, came down with chest colds the day I left, Anna had to get liquid nitrogen for a wart on her toe, and the power went out for 24 hours. It made for a very welcoming husband...
After I came home, Anna made the bold move to the top bunk. I have no qualms about Anna being up so high. She has that firstborn cautious gene. Her little sister, on the other hand... The original rule was no going up on the top bunk during the day and Sonja was never to be on the ladder. The law has been ammended- no socks when climbing the ladder and NO FALLING. So far, so good.

Other than that, we've just been snowed on. Here are some pics from before the storms hit.

Sonja kicking back, watching Anna play Wii.

Starting to dig out of the first storm.

The Honda hibernated for the week.

For the second big storm, we went over to C's parents to be snowed in there for a couple days:

"Hey, look at me. I'm an icicle!"

"Me too!"

Bowling on the Wii.

"You got a STRIKE!"

Good form.

Okay, it's time for bed. I hope things are starting to thaw where you are. I, personally, can't wait for spring...


  1. Great pictures, they are so fun!

    I love the girls' beds.

    And the icicles, hilarious.

    And you learned to shoot a revolver? impressive!

  2. your brother was complaining today during our 65 degree picnic that you get all the snow and he is the one who actually likes it. I don't envy you having to be cooped up all day with busy little girls.
    I am glad you are back from your blog absence we missed you guys.
    I would also be nervous about William on a top bunk he has never fallen off a bed but he loves to lean against something... Allie is crazy though and would be all OVER climbing up the bed. She LOVES to climb and she has very little fear.

  3. Love all the new pictures! The girls are so cute. LOVE their new bunk beds. :)

  4. love the photos!
    didn't know your girls were Wii experts - bet their fit age is better than mine! :)

    how do you plan to use your new revolver skills?!?

  5. We have a second born who would require an amendment to a "not on the top bunk!" rule too :)

    Very cute pictures. Sonja's getting SO big!

    I'm headed out for my very first solo vacation tomorrow. Not going to shoot a revolver (so impressed!) but I'm going to a rodeo!

    With that being said, when I get back, we can finally have a playdate!

  6. Love the photos, Missy! The girls' bed is adorable. Thanks for clarifying your poem... I should have gotten it, but I was thinking, the moon is updating her blog? :)
    We miss you guys!