Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm here! I am here!
Wow, let's not talk about how long it's been...
Back to it.
First of all, the most exciting news since last I blogged- we're expecting a baby. =) Lord willing, we'll welcome this little one mid-September. More on baby later.

Second- we've been house hunting. Every spare minute, I'm on and lately I've been boning up on mortgages. Gah. More on that later...hopefully some news soon!

Third- Sonja is potty trained. Did it herself, I just supplied the M&M's. Totally different experience than with Anna. I deserve no credit; she seriously decided to be potty trained and I handed over the underwear.

Fourth- Anna is reading. is largely responsible for that...

Fifth- I started doing legal work from home for a lawyer who is a family friend. It's not that big of a time commitment. (So, it just *sounds* like I'm crazy, I'm not, that much.)

Sixth- Big ultrasound coming up next week...we hope to find out if we're three for three or going for a change up. My mom keeps mentioning the prudence of not knowing baby's gender as motivation during delivery, but I remember thinking during labor with Anna- I don't care if it's a boy or a girl or a puppy, I want it OUT. NOW! Besides, I think our household needs a little adjustment period if we're to have a little boy coming our way. (I simply have no idea what is on the righthand side of PBK's store...I'm kidding!) Seriously kidding, especially if we are buying a house this year. Gah.

What else? I have taken 500 pictures since we last met. Some of those need to get up here.
We're enjoying very fine weather.
Sonja is turning two on Monday!
We've been baking a lot of baguettes.
What I Call Pretty is still going on, for kicks, for now. We'll see what happens when a watermelon belly is between me and the rotary board.
I think that is everything interesting to update you on. I'll be posting lots of pictures of what else we've been up to, but here are a few for now. To get my mom off my back. =)

Snug as a bug...

The girls' favorite place to read together during the day is up on the top bunk. Note my hole-y slippers and remember that on my birthday. Ahem.

Their favorite place to read once dad is home:

"And both sisters agreed that the day wouldn't be complete without a swing after supper."

Okay, it's bedtime. See you soon though, promise. =)


  1. yay for the update Missy!!!! I have missed you guys! I have several responses
    1. Your brother is going to kill me now that Anna is reading Wills isn't even close, seriously...
    2. Allie hates wearing diapers (she currently is running around naked :) but when I put undies on her she seems to not understand she has to go in the toilet.
    3. I thought not knowing babies gender would help with labor, IT SOOOOO DOESN'T!!!!!! We knew with Wills and not with Allie and Labor totally stinks anyway you face it... lol can you tell I am not looking forward to it in the next month ugh. I also love bonding with my baby girl knowing she is a girl, it's fun.
    4. Good luck house hunting that is overwhelming! Someday I am hoping God just puts a big yellow arrow pointing at a house that reads "buy this house."
    5. I can't figure out what Sonja would like for her Bday so if there is something specific she wants or is into I would love to hear about it :)
    there is probably more I wanted to respond to but now I have a naked baby climbing on my and that is kinda scary...

  2. Perfect update post. Short, sweet (especially the pix), and packed with info. 2010 is shaping up to be a big year for the Schwartz family!

  3. Hi Missy! I linked to your blog through Emily's...and what a post to read first! Congratulations on your pregnancy :)
    Looks like you and Chris and the girls are doing well ~ we also have a little girl, born in August...
    Love your Etsy shop stuff too!
    Anyway...just wanted to say hello (from Kevin too!) can check out my blog - I've linked to it on my name.

  4. Hey Missy,
    You are an amazing lady... I'm very impressed that Anna is reading so early! I also checked out this afternoon and showed it to my kids after nap time- they love it! Thanks for sharing :-)