Thursday, March 17, 2011

This happened some six months ago, but I have to share with you this treasure. Last fall, we were treated to a photo session with the talented Emily of Willa J Photography.

We met up near the city docks in Annapolis and had a lovely time walking around the pretty buildings and shops.

Emily stopped and positioned us along the way, or suggested to the girls to play in the leaves, or simply snapped shots of our family being ourselves.

I was particularly impressed by Emily's ability to engage the girls, especially Sonja who was still in her anti-social phase at that time.

In addition to the candid shots, Emily was also able to capture the girls in studio-quality close-ups whenever the opportunity came up (ie. they were ultra happy because a puppy had just walked by.)

Emily articulates perfectly why I am so in love with her work:

"My goal as a photographer is to find the uniqueness of a person, the beauty of a subject, and the essence of a relationship. I aim to capture real people in real places. Gone are the days of stale, stilted, overly-posed studio portraits! I hope that my photographs will not simply adorn your walls or serve as a display on your tables. I hope they will truthfully record a memorable season in your family's history."

I am so thankful for her creativity in recording this season in our life.

Not long after our photo shoot, Willa J relocated to Western Pennsylvania, BUT she is scheduling MD/VA/DC photo shoots for specific times during the year. You can visit her site to learn more.

Also, even if you are not close enough to take advantage of Emily's talent, or if you are a photographer yourself, check out the Willa J blog for inspiration! You can also follow Willa J on facebook, which is how I learned of her fabulous giveaway!
These are a couple of my favorites from her blog:

I just love her creative eye!

(Photos use by permission from Willa J.)

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