Saturday, March 26, 2011

My first giveaway:
Bamboo wipes.
I love them. And when you really love something, you give it away. Unless it is your kid.

Anyway, let me try to convince you to love bamboo wipes, too.

As I said in my original post, I was wary to try a reusable wipe, but then I felt how plush and soft bamboo velour is and thought, "Surely, I could not deny my baby this." (Although my first two daughters happily endured Huggies wipes.)
However, I still was not convinced I needed to deal with poopy wipes, especially as I use disposable diapers. So I decided to use lush wipes for wet, Huggies for the other. When Rachel was born, she turned out to be a very infrequent "diaper dirtier" (as in every couple weeks!) so everything turned out nicely.

I've been trying to convince my friends to try bamboo wipes, but so far I have zero converts. So, I'll show you how easy it is to incorporate reusable wipes for wet diapers at least, and also give away one set of 10 so you can try them...and once you feel them, I'm telling you, you'll never go back.

Every few days, I restock Rachel's wipes warmer like so.
Microwave 1 1/2 c water for two minutes. Add a 1/2 tsp baby soap and a few drops each of baby oil and tea tree oil. (I keep these mini sized containers in the kitchen cabinet so the operation takes 2.5 minutes.)

I place a cut-to-size wash cloth at the bottom of the warmer to prevent the last wipe from over drying, then a stack of wipes.

Pour the solution over the wipes and up to the nursery you go with a steaming cake of wipes. =)

There are all sorts of stylish wet bags available to for storing used wipes until laundry time, but I simply toss the used ones into an open ziploc. Again, I don't deal with dirty wipes, so I wash these with towels or any other load of hot laundry.
So, it's all very easy peasy.
If you would like to try some bamboo wipes, leave a comment before noon EST, April 2. US addresses only please.


  1. These are fabulous! Thank you so much for my set. I use Johnson wash and baby oil, which leaves Jonathan smelling so lovely. We absolutely love them!

  2. I would love to give these a try! :)

  3. As a bamboo wipes lover I just want to let you know that those poopy messes are actually "where they REALLY shine"... (says David)! But I'm so glad that you've enjoyed using them as much as Rachel has surely enjoyed the pampering:-) They're forever a hit at our house. Some things are just too good to be true;-)

  4. I could try them!

  5. Missy do they have to be used with a warmer? If not I would love to try them! They sound fabulous!

  6. Ooh, I'll try them. We cloth diaper with Sabine when we're home and have thought about the reusable wipes since I'm already washing diapers regularly, but just haven't done it yet. Pick me, pick me! :o)

    Hope you're all doing well, Missy!!

  7. Oooohh! I've been balking at the plunge into cloth wipes for no reason other than my extreme love affair with disposable baby wipes. But since I cloth diaper, it's totally silly to not have reusable wipes.

    Fun giveaway! :)

  8. I remember reading your original post about the bamboo velour wipes and thinking that they sound fabulous... I'd love to have some!

  9. Missy - I would love to try these! But I have the same question - do I need a warmer? I love having disposable stuff out and about but why shouldn't I use reusable wipes when at home. It is silly and I know it. :) They sound fabulous - I am surprised you haven't had any converts yet!

  10. I would never try this on my own...but since you have great taste, I HOPE I WIN!!! Gotta ask the same I need a warmer? Thanks for the chance!