Sunday, April 17, 2011

In case you live outside the greater Baltimore/DC area, you may not have heard that Sonja turned three. If you have seen us in the past two weeks, you were likely told that that very day was her very birthday. We probably confused her by celebrating her birthday the Saturday beforehand, by giving her a credit card. Actually, that is the business card of Bubbles the Clown.
We went to Port Discovery and happened upon Bubbles making balloon animals.

Some little folks were thrilled.

After a few hours of playing in the water works and bounce house, we strolled down to the Inner Harbor to find lunch. Our waiter was somehow given the impression that it was Sonja's birthday that day and we weren't going to bring up technicalities as he was handing her a brownie sundae.
After lunch, we watched The Fudgery crew make fudge and Anna had a double-decker ice cream cone while we watched a street performer ride a 12ft unicycle. It was a lovely day at the harbor and we returned home happy though some of us were a little worse for the wear.

Sonja's true birth date was on a Tuesday so Chris surprised her at Story Time with a balloon. I didn't take a photo because her face was precious and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She's so captivated by her daddy, and princess balloons.
Chris joined us for lunch with some of our Story Time friends and we had princess cupcakes. Well, everyone but the birthday princess who touched nothing after one carton of Chik-fil-A chocolate milk.

I had a hilarious time making those. (The crowns are Laffy Taffy's...har har.) Anyway.

That evening, we had Sonja's birthday dinner with Oma and Opa. I had asked her what she would like (and made Anna be quiet so the answer wasn't pizza! McDonald's! Chucky Cheese!) and she said, "Rice." Rice? Okay, what else? "Risotto." Both? Both are rice, pick one. So she said, "Risotto, carrots, broccoli and chicken." See why I heshed Anna? She's too young to know that you don't have to pick normal food.
So, we had a nice birthday dinner. And birthday cake.

(This was the easiest cake I've done for the girls' birthdays, and my favorite. If you have a 103 tip and 5 minutes, and obviously a cake and frosting, you can whip this up. It's Martha Stewart's ruffle tower cake if you want to google directions.)
Sonja's face was fun to watch as she opened her gifts.

Happy birthday, little princess!


  1. It looks like little Sonja had a WONDERFUL birthday! I can't believe she's three already!
    (BTW, do you have a picture of the top of the cake? I'd love to see it!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Sonja!

    Josiebean is turning three next month, these are all lovely ideas! I cannot believe what you can do with a laffy taffy. You are amazing ;)

  3. A- I will email one to you. I made just barely enough icing so the top was the last of the bag and, being warm from my hands, didn't have as much definition.
    J- Laffy Taffy's are limitless so long as you set them still wrapped in warm water for awhile first. And really, I cant think of a better way to use up the banana ones. Have fun getting ready to celebrate Ladybug!

  4. Happy birthday Sonja! I can't believe how fast time goes... Looks like you all had a lovely time. I love family outings :)

  5. That cake is beautiful! You CONSTANTLY amaze me with your talent and creativity.

  6. Hey Missy! Great job on that cake. I've seen a few of those around the food blog world recently and they always look so impressive. Your description of how simple it was to make is making me want to run out and buy that tip! Beautiful :) And your girls are beautiful too of course...but you already knew that :)

  7. Woah... didn't you underestimate the clown's creepiness?

    congrats on the latest bday!

  8. So cute! I just now updated my blog (catching our family up to April!) so I have allowed myself to get on friends blogs and see what you've been up to. The cake really does look awesome -- do you think I could pass it off as a "Buzz & Woody" cake for Rock?

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